Hey Instagram, You Suck.

I wanted to have you join me on here because I feel like IG is always watching us and here, I feel like I can speak freely.

So here it goes…


*Breathe* Okay…I’m back and now going to keep my cool.

If you aren’t a content creator and just come here for the things+stuff I blog about, I would advise you to skip over this post because it might not resinate to your heart. I’ll see on the next post when I talk about Summer trends.

For those who want to scream at the top of their lungs, told yourself that you suck because likes have significantly dropped but your comments have been killing it, and you’re asking yourself, “Am I still creating quality content?” Ah! Girl! I’m going to stop you right here! You’re spiraling.

How do I know? Because this was me a couple of weeks ago.

Let’s talk numbers! From December 2018-May 2019, I was utilizing engagement pods (a group to inform others you have posted in hopes to get your post up in the “rankings”) and averaging about 1,000+ likes and I have to be honest, I wasn’t seeing much of a conversion rate, meaning it was hard to monetize my work. I think this is where brands were realizing that the “bigger” the likes were, the smaller of a “true” reach came into play. That’s when Micro Influencers came into play and it was all about REAL engagement. Basically, engagement pods were great for an ego boost and looking back, I’m realizing, “Good thing you have grit girl… because that ego boost could have lead you to a big mistake and cause you to leave prematurely.”

But it’s not about “good thing.” Before leaving the classroom, I barely had a blog but I knew that I wanted to help more people because teaching wasn’t providing me the freedom I crave and I wasn’t happy. I just believed that I would figure it out and I’ll survive. There’s never the “right time” to become a boss babe…hold the babe (one more btw…size small. Once they are gone, they are gone).

After the pods, I was still doing okay. People seem to still enjoy my content. From an outsider’s point of view, some might say that I dropped to 400-600 likes per photo but I think of it as 400-600 PEOPLE still thinks my content holds value.

Now fast forward to today. If you’re not careful, IG whole shift can seriously put you in this depression. I’m telling you this because I actually care about your wellbeing and need you to know that you’re NOT alone!

Recently, I’ve noticed my likes aren’t getting past 400 and I’m on the phone with my close friends in the industry, b*itching away, telling them I’m not good enough, and the world is going to end. I would love to say this was a dramatic scene being replayed in my head… but nope. This actually happened.

Like all entrepreneurs, I get busy with the problem solving. How can we take back control from IG? I’m not saying to cheat the system or let’s break the algorithm. It’s clear that our hacks are not going to help us convert likes into relationships, we just have to be better people and stop making it all about us. What I mean is not letting this app make up feel bad about ourselves.

I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret. As we are complaining about how IG might be taking away our likes, the relationships I formed are what truly matters to me. I have blogged and blogged about this over and over again and now, I feel like people are finally realizing that our main focus should be on the people because in the relationship, both parties know they would show up for each other.

My biggest fear about Content Creating was that I was going to “lose” myself and get a big head. Honestly, this passion of mine has made me become so compassionate towards people and helping them to figure out their own formula to create the career they want.

Fear has been my biggest enemy and with all of this sh*t going down on the Gram, I was afraid to ask, “Are you still there? Do you like my content? Does it hold value?”

Here’s what you all had to say:

In 11 hours, I have gotten 472 likes and that’s so mind blowing. I didn’t post at a “certain time” and there wasn’t a thought process that went into this process. Then this happened…

And the yeses keep coming! Because of this, I have been able to touch base and catch up to see how a lot of you all are doing. What this showed me was that my content is valuable and people just have lives. Not everyone is looking to become a Content Creator and worried about likes and comments. It could be that mentally, they are loving your photos and it might not be natural for them to engage because seeing is engaging enough.

The point I’m trying to get at is thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to write “YES” because in this world, you can get lost in your thoughts and it can hinder others from making moves. You all revived me and made me realize that our relationship is true and real.

Creating Content can be extremely lonely. Things are going to change. Through all of this, I felt like I was still further ahead because I focused on my mission. This is why I am gifting you FREEBIE to help you to figure out your mission. You can’t start doing anything unless you have a focus and this worksheet will help you find your focus. It’s a simple task but not easy. You will have to carve out the time to see if content creating/blogging is truly your passion. I know that you will be able to help the world become a better place and keeping this for myself will do no good for the world!

Last month, we launched our mini mastermind where a group of boss babes…hold the babes came together to vent, problem solve and create solutions together. It’s a yearly membership that is affordable and I provide monthly training on Content Creating. It doesn’t matter what time of the year you join because the videos will be there for you to get access to anytime!

Of course do one-on-one coaching for those who are looking to create a road map to create their hobby into a business. You know that I am a girl who had a dream and just went for it. All of my blog for the past year tell my stories not only about my struggles, but how as a brand we created solutions. I’ve provided awesome tips and tricks but if you need the extra support, I am always here for you. Sometimes you just need someone to keep you accountable.

Lastly, I have created a Pinterest Group Board for those who are wanting to share their valuable information. As we grow, I’m sure we will have to add some rules, but for now, please let us know what you’re up to!


As things shift, we are going to need to stick together. No engagement pods, no follow for follow, just making real friends who will have our backs when the going get tough. What are ways you can support your community?


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