Wine That Comes To You

Sip sip hooray! After a long day at the office, all you want to do is come home and sip on a glass on wine.  If you have ever had a night like me, I’m sure you went into your fridge, and THERE WAS NO WINE!

Of course you can go to the store and grab a bottle of wine but why do that when there’s a simple solution.

Wine at your door!

I know, easy right! Well, after a long day at work, it should be easy.

The process is super easy.

Head to Winc’s Website.

Take a survey that will take you no more than five minutes.

Winc will provide you 4 bottles that aligns with your survey.

Bam! 4 bottles is on it’s way to you!

But wait….

The best part of Winc is that these 4 bottles they recommend to you are not the end all, be all.  Winc gives you the description for every wine before you place them in your cart.

The positives:

There’s no membership fees, skip any month, cancel anytime.

Shipping is covered! If don’t like a bottle, they’ll replace it with a bottle you’ll love- no questions asked!

Winc makes exploring new wines fun and easy, it’s personalized for you and wines starts at just $13 a bottle.

You can try something new every month.

My experience:

It was super easy.  After I made my order, it only took 3 days for the products to get to you.  Because it’s products that has an age requirement, someone 21+ has to be home to sign for the product.

Winc made it easy.  They sent emails to let you know when products are being sent and I also got a text message letting me know when I should be home. The process of getting my wine was a breeze.

Now, since this weekend was all about beer, I decided not to dive into the wine yet.  I know! What is wrong with you Mandy?

This week, I will write a review about the wines I received and how if it matched my expectations.  Until then, check out Winc and take their quiz to get the process started. Buying wine has never been easier.

Head to Winc to get started today! 

Make Your Life Easier- Wine At Your Door- Wine Down Wednesdays at Your Door- Wine Delivered


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