What If Everything Was Taken Away?

Simple and Pretty Co. has become something that I built from the ground up and I thought everything was lost.  Since my world is in the digital space, my biggest fear is that I will get hacked and I will loose everything.

Yesterday, I couldn’t comprehend what was happening to me.  Simple and Pretty Co. the website was down.  Like, there was no way getting into it.  I felt my life crumbling in front of me because I had a lack of control.  So why was all of this happening?

It’s because of wonderful people! My website was experiencing growing pains and to explain this is the most simplest way, there was too much traffic on my website that it broke.

Thank goodness for amazing people that I have created relationships with because if it wasn’t for amazing people reaching out, I would have not gotten my website back up and running.  I have so much gratitude to this babe and her hubby (going to respect their privacy) for helping me find a solution.

This is why collaboration over competition is so important to the Simple and Pretty Co. brand. With this mindset, I have been able to grow and hopefully inspire other girl bosses to achieve their dreams.

I’m so proud to introduce my newest two part Content Creating Starter Kit workbook for babes who are wanting guidance to get started on their content creating journey.

Part one explains how to identify your brand and step by step instructions on how to gain followers.  Part two helps you create the perfect email pitch to send to brands and a guideline on how to deliver your promises.  There will be more workbooks in the works and I can’t wait to share. Until now, please check out the these beauties!

Click here to claim your workbook today! 


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