Building A Website Look So Easy… Says No One!

Since posting my 3 steps to building a blog, people would still ask me to help them “show them the ropes” to their new online home.

Although setting a blog up is extremely easy, I’ve learned that maintaining it is a different story.  When deciding to add a blog as another platform, I never knew that there was going to be so much work keeping up with Simple and Pretty Co.

For those who do not know, everything you see here is fully controlled by ME. I am the person who adds to the product page, create the graphics, write my post, etc etc etc.  Now, I’m not saying that all bloggers will have to do the same amount of work but I am saying that you might need a tour guide of the back office of your WordPress blog.

Now I know that you’re capable of figuring out everything because you are a smart human being, as so am I, but when I first started, I spent so many hours trying to get things in order that I lost so much precious time actually creating.

My mistakes do not need to be yours and some should consider in hiring a coach to help them get started so that you’re not spending hours falling down a rabbit hole.

During the month of January, Simple and Pretty Co. started a service to provide to new bloggers to get them on their feet to start creating quality content.  I am proud to say that I’ve help several boss babes (hold the babes) to start their journeys.

If you’re like me, I love guiding the world and watch others light up when they see their new webbie.  I was honored to have Kassidy of Gracious and Grateful write a blog post about my services!

Spend an hour with me, Mandy Nicole showing you how to use your new website to the highest potential so that you can generate revenue, showcase your amazing content, and manage your website on your own. If you feel like I’m speaking to you, claim your spot so that we can schedule a time to get you on your blogging journey.


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  1. March 8, 2019 / 9:30 am

    YES! Thank you for getting me started! I truly appreciate you taking the time to set up my blog. Had you not done so, I would today, only be thinking I want/should start one. You made it a reality! If anyone out there reading this is thinking about starting a blog but has no clue how any of it works, give Mandy a call:-)
    Thanks again @Simpleandprettyco – Boss babe (hold the babe).

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