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3 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Ideas

I say a lot of sarcastic comments and some might say, I don’t have a heart but Valentine’s Day is my ALL TIME FAVORITE HOLIDAY!

Let’s take it back to high school years when everyone got something from their friends or boyfriends and I GOT NOTHING! I should really hate the holiday…right?

The secret to me loving the holiday even though from the outside, I looked lonely was the anticipation of going home. It was quality over quantity and my mom made it super special.

Thanks mom for the inspiration for this post and this one is dedicated to all the years you made my childhood special. Here are 3 meaningful Valentine’s Day ideas:


Yep. Showing some love for 14 days through love notes. Now I’m not talking about writing a love letter every day pouring your heart out and having our feelings exploded on the page. Honestly, I don’t think I could be able to articulate my love for someone for that many days in long essays.

I’m talking about putting a sticky note with some words explaining how you feel about that person.

To Whom It May Concern:

Here are some ideas of who you can brighten their day!

  • roommate
  • write to your kids
  • co-worker
  • best friend


  • You’re awesome!
  • Thanks for always being there for me.
  • You can accomplish anything.
  • Be brave today. Do one thing that will help you achieve your goal.
  • I’m rooting for you.

Honestly, it’s so simple to just write one positive thing to someone for 14 days.

If you’re thinking of doing this. be sure to tag me on Instagram so that I can see the journey and so that I can share! @simpleandprettyco

Don’t have sticky notes? There is a FREE PRINTABLE for you to use! Click on the photo below:


Flowers die. Dinner and a movie… well it’s going to be packed! Why not help create a little less stress in someone else’s life. We can buy gifts which will be covered in a gift guide but why not take a little off of that special person’s plate.

Pay a bill. Yeah really… pay a person’s bill or better yet, take out a million dollar life insurance if you’re married. Pick up their internet bill, electric bill, or something that is in his or her’s essential. This will leave the other person to have one less thing to worry about and they can buy something for themselves that will last a long while or even save up for something that will benefit everyone.

Andy said this as a joke but after reflecting on this, it’s actually impactful.


You already know me! No matter the time of the year, I LOVE SENDING AND GIVING greeting cards. It’s such a special way of telling something you are thinking of them. You are feeding your soul all while making someone else’s day.

It’s super easy to get greeting cards from any store but why not take a step further with your purchase.

During my funk, I turned to drawing as a pass time and it got me thinking… the world is getting extremely anxious and it’s causing more trauma for so many people.

For those who are new, I have been extremely open about my mental health and how I am on this journey to but it first. Luckily, I had a mother who saw the signs extremely early in my life and was humble enough to ask for help. Many people are now seeing the signs in their children and are ready to ask for help, but might not be able to have the financial resources or services in their area to help their child.

According to Mental Health America, six out of 10 young people who suffer mental illness don’t get the treatment they need. That’s because there is a critical shortage of pediatric mental and behavioral healthcare services in the U.S. Worse yet, most families struggle to pay for services that are available. This national crisis is affecting children and families in our region of Southwest Florida too. Golisano Children’s Hospital’s mental and behavioral health care fund – Kids’ Minds Matter – is here to help. – Kid’s Minds Matter

Simple and Pretty Co. wants to take an innovative to help children living with anxiety and depression. First hand, I was seeing services and resources taken out of the schools and it broke my heart. As a former teacher, I didn’t have enough resources for my children and even had a child who was as young as 6 tell me they wanted to take their own life.

Now, I know so many people are doing their best but it’s time to get ahead of this situation. The reason for my passion to work with children is because if it wasn’t for those early signs my mother and school counselor detected, I might not be here today or have the copping skills as an adult (still working on it! this is something I’m going to live with a lifetime.)


Simple and Pretty Co. wants to help others find their inner confidence but unfortunately, I’m not a trained to help with trauma on the clinical level. I love creating strategies to help others but when it comes to a child’s mind, this is way beyond my expertise.

Giving greeting cards are the best way to not only cheering yourself up but others. I want to help you fill your bucket with joy while providing a little sparkle to someone else!

I’m starting a program called, Send It Forward. The concept is really simple. You get a card and inside the envelope, you will get a card to send to someone else. Envelopes and cards provided. The stamps… you will have to get yourself.

The first one is always going to be on us in hopes you will come back to purchase more to give out. The profits will help me continue to make more cards and donate to charities like Kids’ Minds Matters and hopefully to be able to provide scholarships to families themselves.

This is really the beginning of a process but I feel extremely strongly that you have been effected by mental health either from watching your child suffer, parents, or even yourself.

Let’s make 2020 of finding both a balance of helping ourselves and others to make the world a better place. I believe we can tackle this epidemic together and see real change.

Thank you in advance for those who would like to join us to help families find resources to heal their child.

To get your first card on us, please be sure to head to the link below to enter your address. Your information will be protected. PROMISE!


If you snoop around the blog, you will notice that you won’t be able to find the cards for purchase so stay tuned for our launch day!


Mandy Nicole


14 Day Love Notes Challenge


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