Ways To Create Positivity In Your Life

I sent a text to Tara and told her that I do not have any motivation to write a blog post.  Her response, “Just write.”

Okay…. Here we go….

I am completely drained from this week.  Coming out with these new workbooks has taken a mental toll on me and I just need a day off.  How can I do that when I own my brand? If I don’t work, I don’t generate revenue.  If I don’t generate revenue, I can’t pay for my bills. My brain has been spinning all week and once again, I want to cry.

Well the problem is that I can’t stop and cry every time I am feeling stressed.  I need to create a plan to take care of myself while I am building my brand.

If I don’t create changes, I will burn myself out and there’s wont be enough of me to continue.

This is why I created my workbooks.  Navigating and building a brand has been the hardest but most rewarding thing I have done in my life.  I feel like I have control of my life and how I want to spend my time.  Although it is draining, knowing that I created a product that can truly help people reach their dreams is a dream come true.

I received a great gift from a friend to help me write down things that I am grateful for.

This is what I am grateful today, you.  I am grateful for you because you take the time to hear me out, you inspired me to create solutions to our problems in the world, and well, you have my back all the time! I constantly feel like I have to explain myself but majority of the time, you tell me, “Girl, you’re good.” That means everything to me.

The week was hard.  Many worries.  Anxiety sky rocketed.  But you were there for me and thank you so much!

If you didn’t get your copy today, check out the Starter Kit Workbooks.

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