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When Andy and I hit up The Local in Naples, Florida, for the amount of food I ate, I felt like the whole staff had to roll me out of the restaurant.  Thank goodness everything was healthy!

As a vegetarian, there aren’t a lot of options for me and when there is, there’s no flavor.  THIS GIRL LIKES FLAVOR!

The Local is a farm to table restaurant located on Airport Pulling Road in Naples, Florida. The Local offers simple, delicious and nourishing dishes, prepared with healthy cooking techniques and locally sourced ingredients. With a casual ambiance, cozy wine bar and daily rotating blackboard specials, we welcome you to enjoy our local eatery showcasing Florida’s freshest bounty.

When you go to a restaurant that has many options, the bites tends to loose it’s touch but at The Local, everything was on point.  We started off with the House-Made Ricotta Cheese Caprese Salad and all I have to say is, “more please!” If The Local is able to package their Ricotta Cheese into a container and just give me a spoon, you will find me sitting there stuffing a spoonful of it in my mouth for hours.  The tomatoes…wow! I’m not the biggest tomatoes fan but the freshness of the ingredients to create this dish will make anyone want to come back.  Did I mention that this is only ONE DISH!

Next, I tried the Organic Spinach Salad and my oh my, I’m still thinking about it.  The ginger soy created this light zing in your mouth and paired with cashews created a balance of flavors.  The colors were gorgeous and extremely incising to every eye.

Pizza was brought to us next! Key West Pink Shrimp Scampi Pizza was filled with olive oil, chopped garlic + butter, red pepper flakes, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, chopped kale + parsley.  Every pizza is made with a sour-dough crust but for my gluten-free peeps, you are able to change it and not loose out on the fun!

The Vegan Zucchini Pasta was very interesting.  Carrots, fennel, shallots, garlic, pistachios, mushrooms, with coconut cream + zucchini “papparadelle noodles”  were the ingredients to create the dish.  I loved how The Local added their blackened shrimp.  The richness of the coconut cream created a great taste paired with the shrimp.

Our night ended with the Farmhouse Pie (optional a la mode).  We specifically had our pie filled with apples and the crust was amazing! The pie was not over powering with spices and scooping the ice cream into the spoon would make any evening special.

I would recommend The Local to anyone who visits Naples, Florida.  It’s a little different for than most restaurants because it’s more of a “homey” space and those who are from the Mid-West would truly enjoy it.  If you’re ever in town, give me a call and we will venture our way to The Local!

This service  was provided by  The Local and all 

thoughts and opinions are my own.



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