Tears Are Not A Sign Of Weakness

Yep. I cried.  That actually happened.  I cried on my Instagram stories.

When you’re in business for yourself, you will feel both positive and negative emotions ALL THE TIME!  The best way to describe my emotions is one minute, I’m so extremely happy and jumping for joy and the next minute, I am depress and sad because I think I am a failure.

The issue is not that my life is terrible, it’s that I can’t enjoy the one feeling before getting hit with another.

For example, I was sending out pitches for my upcoming holiday posts and I received an email that said that a brand wanted to work with me! I was so excited and was having a proud moment because I landed a job! An hour went by and I received an email from other brand stating that I’m not what they are looking for.

Rejection. Acceptance. Emotions. Overwhelmed. Wait what? How should I feel? Valued or not good enough? I’m so confused.

This is what happens EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Before, I use to think that I wasn’t good enough and I would take these messages so personal.  I don’t typically take anything as personal anymore because I have learned my worth.  The issue is when my personal life confuses me.  This is when my weakness and emotions took a hold of me.

After posting the stories of me breaking down in front of you, gave me yet another validation of why this is my passion and why I need to continue to going after my dreams.  The support, acceptance and love you all provided me was so overwhelming and that’s why I started to cry.  You fired this fuel inside of me to continue to push through the struggles my personal life.  I couldn’t hide behind my emotions anymore because I wasn’t making any moves with a clear mind and now opening up to you, I was so productive today.

I’m excited to create more content and also make some announcements! Thank you for allowing me to open up to you and not judging me for being the real me.  I love you all so much!

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