Surprising Myself

My biggest fear is leaving this earth before accomplishing something great.  I know…that’s really dark but it does cross my mind often.  The reason why this thought seeps into my mind is because it’s a form of fear and sometimes I listen to it.  Because of this fear, it sometimes stops me from accomplishing my goals.

This year, I made an conscious effort to not allow this fear to control my actions but instead, embrace my strengths to do better for the world.

Andy and I have been on the road traveling all over Florida to bring you content for the next couple of weeks and this trip completely surprised me.  I did what I needed to accomplish and I don’t feel overwhelmed or spent.

What I portray to the world sometimes makes me loose a lot of energy and it takes me a long time to recover.  When you are in front of the camera, you are grabbing energy from way within to keep a positive spirit.  It’s not that it’s fake, it’s just tapping my energy from a different place when I get burnt out.  That’s why you sometimes see the little lines in my stories on my Instagram one week and longer lines the next.  My energy fizzles but I am realizing that it does not have to be like this.

When you take the time to give me positive feedback, that’s a source of energy that helps me to keep going.  It’s been recently, I’ve been having my followers feel comfortable to talk to me and provide me their responses.  Which leads me to a frustration I’ve heard from several people who says their followers don’t engage which makes them want to quite.

It’s never post and pray.  You can’t expect to post your content and think people are going to respond to your message.

You have to remember that your followers are people too and that it takes time to create a relationship.  They have to build a trust with you before they feel comfortable about telling you their thoughts.  Thoughts are precious and if you do not open up, why do you think they will open up as well?

I have been working on my brand for about five months and it’s because I finally have been able to focus on my relationships with my followers.  It has been recently that I have been feeling their trust which is shown in the comments and messages.

Lately, I have been seeing on the gram that people are getting upset over the new algorithm. To be honest, you have every right to be annoyed but perhaps the next steps are to look at your strategies to how you are going promote your content which will hopefully turn into relationships.  In my opinion, I think you should look at the change as a reset button and what is growth without challenges?

Take a look at my past post about algorithm and how it’s not all that bad.  I hope this helps a bit and just keep your chin up because you can do it!

Two piece from Ashe Couture.


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