Learning Your Back Office To Present An Awesome WordPress Website


Are you started your blog and it’s looking great but you’re just missing the personal touch to call it yours? Are you looking at your “back office” and don’t understand how to navigate your way around your new internet home? Spend an hour with me, Mandy Nicole showing you how to use your new website to the highest potential so that you can generate revenue, showcase your amazing content, and manage your website on your own.

*Prices may vary based on graphic needs and coding 

I want to start off by saying working with Mandy was a great experience. She is very helpful and willing to answer any questions. She is very knowledgeable. Additionally, she genuinely wants to see you succeed in your future endeavors. Which is nice because not everyone is genuinely excited for you. I would highly recommend if you have any question about starting a blog or are ready to take the next step in doing so, to definitely check her out. 

~Ashley Hart


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