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Things To Think About When Shopping A Sale

Leaving my stable job where I got a paycheck every two weeks actually made me really irresponsible with my money. I felt like I could just put it on a credit card and pay it off when my paycheck came out.

It was a constant spending imaginary money and not feeling a sense of control. Now that this is all behind me, I wanted to give you some pointers I have been using to not go back to my old habits.


Since I was in college, I was told to put a bunch of stuff on your credit card, pay it off in 6 months, to build credit for when you want to buy a house. I bought into this concept and honestly, now looking back, I now understand why I did it. It was the buy a bunch of stuff that sucked me in.

I have to admit, this girl loves her material things. She loves her designers and really loves a good time. I wanted to create this life for myself that seemed like I had it all but really it was me keeping up. I personally had to mature in this area but I also didn’t educate myself on credit cards very well and didn’t know the correct questions to ask. All I knew was, build your credit for an even bigger purchase.


I can’t say that I still have all the knowledge I need to educate others but what I have done is work on understanding the differences between a need and a want.

Needs are bills and things to help you survive. Wants are things that will make spark an emotion.

For instance, a want of mine was my Gucci bag. The old Mandy would have put it on a credit card but I took the time to weigh out pros and cons and also mapped out how I would be able to afford this lavish item.

It took me 6 months to save up for the bag and I wear it proud because I don’t have a cloud hanging over my head reminding me to pay it off. Saving up for something gives you a sense of pride and no one can take from you.


If you can’t pay for it full price, you don’t need it when it goes on sale. I wrote a post about my favorite sandals and why I believe it’s worth the price. With that being said, it’s time for me to get a new pair…well I would like to get a new pair.


I have the money to make the purchase but when I was about to purchase the sandals, I decided to take a step back and truly see if it’s in the budget. It was but I rather have that money for a rainy day and set another goal to save up specifically for the Tory. Once again, it goes back to the statement above, it really feels good when you set a goal, accomplish it, and use that product that you worked towards.


If you can’t buy it when it’s full price, don’t buy it when it’s on sale. So hard to do but I have been adopting this as my new motto. Before, when things went on sale, you would find me stocking up like a mad woman and convincing myself that it’s okay…it’s on sale. When I would go up to the cash register, I would find myself looking at the total and asking how it became one month’s worth of rent. Those days. Silly Mandy.

Sales are meant for us to think it’s okay to do foolish spendings. It’s our hall pass. Now when I approach a sale, I truly look long term to see if it’s going to benefit my life or is it going to be something that will be donated months later.


I like expensive things because they will last. I have no problem spending $60 on a tee shirt as long as it hits the requirements:

Can I afford it?

Is it going to add value in my life?

Is it going to fall apart in a month?

This is why I love using sales for my basic items such as basic items, accessories, and beauty products.

With this being said, these are some of my favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

2ct tw Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Girl, sometimes…I just want to be lazy and not think about accessories but still look like I tried. And I know you’ve had the same exact thoughts.

Timeless, handcrafted studs feature sparkling cubic-zirconia stones secured by triple-pronged settings.

Helpful tips: Keep jewelry away from water and chemicals; remove during physical activities; store separately in a soft pouch.

Updated…these earrings are not part of any current sales as of December 2, 2019 but still a great gift idea on a budget.

Cura Hair Dryer

I have a different model but I trust the brand. Plus, this is seriously a great deal because you are going to have this hair dryer a long while!

A hair dryer that helps fight the frizz in less time thanks to T3 Digital IonAir. Two-year warranty

Featherweight Folding Compact Hair Dryer with Dual Voltage

Features and benefits:

– Three heat speeds and two speed settings combined with a lock-in cool-shot button create customized settings for any hair type and texture.

– A lightweight body and ergonomic handle ensure comfortable and effortless styling.

– Includes pure stream filter cap, long-life motor and quiet operation.

– Drying concentrator and styling concentrator.

– Nine-foot cord wrap for easy styling.

Retail: $235  Sale: $155.00

The Four Pack DRYBAR

Tired everything but the Money Maker. Love them all plus these are great for traveling. The Triple Sec is my FAVORITTTTTEEEEEE! I use it as a dry shampoo and it doesn’t create this buildup most dry shampoo leaves.

A kit featuring four of Drybar’s favorite hair care products in travel sizes so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Retail: $52 Sale: $39

Original Tour Gloss Packable Rain Boot

LOVE LOVE LOVE! No matter where you live, Hunter Boots are amazing! I’ve had mine for two years and I love them. They are great standing up the snow or the rain.

Tour Packable Waterproof Rain Boot

Retail: $150 Sale: $99.90

V-Neck Tee

I like BP products. Their clothing items seems to hold up every time I’ve made a purchase. If you like to stock up on one product in every color, the BP V-Neck Tee is perfect for you. They have a great variety of colors.

Retail: 15.00 Sale: 11.90

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is until August 4th.

These were some of the sale items that stuck out to me that I thought would bring value into your life. I hope that it’s helpful and that my story helps you rethink shopping. At the end of the day, you need to do what makes you happy. Have any further questions? Write them in the comments below. What are you thinking will add value to your life?

Disclosure: Some of the link above are affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.



  1. July 23, 2019 / 8:02 pm

    All so true!! Great post! My thoughts exactly! Like- Can I afford that LV neverfull I want so badly, sure. But do I really need to blow money on it right now? Nope!! Like you- I have a goal, when I make that goal reality, you’ll see me sporting that LV . And re: Nordy sale, I got those cuz earrings last sale and LOVE. And this sale, got that BP T-shirt.
    Great minds

    • July 24, 2019 / 11:13 am

      So happy that you enjoyed it! Yeah, it’s a hard balance to find but it’s possible. Sales are great when it bring value into your life. I think designers are great because they last for so long and the they don’t loose their value that quickly. The new location is coming soon!

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