How This One Thing Helped my Entrepreneur Anxiety

Sitting at my computer for hours can take a huge toll on my body.  Lately, I have been getting pain in my shoulders because of a combination of sleeping wrong and slouching down to work on my laptop.  It’s terrible.

I’m sure like me, you spend majority of your day on the phone or on a computer because most of our jobs require the digital space.  At what point, when do we say enough is enough?

Tara of Tara Met Blog (My BFF) introduced me to RevitaOil, a CBD oil is that organic, USA-grown CBD which is an essential supplement for a natural alternative.  Plus they are located in Naples, Florida! Great product plus I can support local.

500mg CBD oil

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most medicinal compounds in the cannabis plant. It’s been utilized as medicine for thousands of years, and recent studies have proven it’s unique ability to heal naturally by encouraging homeostasis.

What are the benefits?

  •  Anxiety relief
  •  Mitigate insomnia
  •  Anti-oxidation
  •  Anti-inflammation
  •  Blood pressure regulation
  •  Blood sugar stabilization

I’ve been using CBD oil for my pain and anxiety for about a year and to be honest, I thought it was a hoax.  I would try other brands and I didn’t feel any difference and wanted to give up on the idea.

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It has been a week since trying  RevitaOil and here are my thoughts:

It taste great! CBD oil has a strange aftertaste and does not give you motivation to keep using it.   RevitaOil has two flavors and my favorite is the mint.

RevitaOil helped me sleep which has been a huge relief.  With so many projects constantly happening with my brand, I am kept awake at night thinking.  The lack of sleep would result in me getting having more anxiety and feeling like I couldn’t give my all.  With  RevitaOil, I have been able to consistently have a good night sleep and my productivity has been on it’s best game.

Why  RevitaOil?

  1. Most CBD is from industrial Chinese hemp farms producing isolate CBD powder. As you might expect, these Chinese farms are smothered in pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic chemicals. Manufacturers then reduce this hemp into isolate powder and sell it to eager distributors. Consumers purchase these products assuming they’re healthy and unwittingly ingest agricultural poisons.
  2. Is it “isolate” CBD? Isolate CBD can produce some noticeable effects, but users find that they fade quickly. Imagine you’re listening to a piano solo with a full spectrum of notes. Now imagine you’re hearing a single note being played over and over–not so good. The same is true for cannabinoids. Your body craves the “entourage effect” of cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC. The feeling from a full-spectrum product is like listening to Mozart compared to a leaky kitchen sink.
  3. Does your product list specific milligrams of cannabinoids? Many products today are labeled and sold as “Hemp Oil” or “CBD 1000.” But, when you read the specifics of the label, the nutritional facts are missing. If you don’t see the exact cannabinoid or CBD milligrams listed, do not trust it! A quality product from an ethical company will be clear, precise, and consistent in their marketing.
  4. Medicine shouldn’t be disgusting! Unfortunately, many CBD products are nasty, and end up sitting on an expensive shelf. This is usually because the oil they’re made from goes rancid, or the hemp is processed on cheap machinery and leaves plant matter like chlorophyll in the oil. Over time this material rots and ruins the product. A quality CBD product is distilled on hi-tech equipment that ensures purity and taste.
  5. There’s only one way to know that you’re getting a safe and effective product: independent third-party testing. It’s unfortunate that the danger of unethical companies and sources is real. If your CBD doesn’t come with certified lab test results, your health is at risk. You need to know that what you and your family are taking is safe. We post images of our certified lab results on every product page for your comfort and certainty.

Head to RevitaOil to read more about their amazing products and let me know if you become in love like me!

I’ll keep you in the loop about how RevitaOil is helping me after a full 30 days.  Shoot me your questions in the comment below and I’ll be sure to answer them in my next post.

This post is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own. Will work for CBD! 



  1. January 10, 2019 / 11:07 pm

    This gives such great info! Thanks! We’ve used revitaOil too and are amazed at the quality and effectiveness! I can’t wait to hear about your full 30 days!

  2. January 17, 2019 / 9:22 pm

    Thank you so much for this review. We really appreciate the support and we hope to have a long term relationship with you and your fans!

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