How To Create An Authentic Pitch To Generate Revenue

I have said it from the beginning, CONTENT CREATING IS NO EASY TASK! I would never ask to have my life any other way! I enjoy it because I love the hustle and bustle it brings to my daily work life.

So, I’ll tell you like it is… I’m really good at pitching to brands.  I enjoy having to work for a relationship but lately, I have been shifting my approach when I do collaborations.

When a brand is collaborating with an Influencer, it’s really important that you understand that brands are asking me, as a content creator to have creative freedom and use my voice when I produce content.  You are asking me to speak to my audience because there is something in how I convey a message.  That’s why I’m cheaper than an ad agency.

At an ad agency, you are paying them to create something that only has the brand’s voice and have full control over the creative process.  There’s nothing wrong with going this route but I think it’s important for both Influencers and brands to understand what goes on in my little house of creativity and why I am valuable.

Like I said, I have been changing my way of negotiating for a while but after our #SipandMingle Conference I realized that I’m amazing at pitching, I needed to grow in my negotiation skills.

I made a visual to show how much work I put into my daily routines and to be honest, this ISN’T the tip of the iceberg.  It’s a lot but I do have fun doing it.

Content Creating- Creation-Photography-Blogger-Website Building- Instagram- Influencer

This is just creating content alone! I also coach, consulting, create graphics, build websites, #SipandMingles,  and the list kind of goes on.

This level of higher thinking allows me to be extremely happy but knowing how much work goes into content creating alone should mean that I should get paid my worth.

Here’s another reason why I did not want to level up on my negotiation style at first.  I was afraid to hear the word “no.”  Bottomline.  I was too scared that I would not have enough content to create for Simple and Pretty Co. and no one would want to hear my message because I had nothing.

Now knowing this, I realized that I blocked out time to create content for brands and yes, a pretty outfit is great but so is paying my bills.

My mission is to help other Influencers that there is such thing as a win-win relationship.  It’s truly time for Influencers to stand up for themselves but still be respectful.  It’s okay to make mistakes, but it’s time to take what we learn and share.

Brands are a business.  They need to pay their bills too.  I totally get that but if they are not willing to know my worth, it’s not the right match.  It’s like shoes, you wouldn’t just buy every pair that’s not your size just because they’re on sale.  Logical.

If it’s so simple, why isn’t it easy?

The action of standing up for yourself just takes time.  Truly, if it wasn’t for the high level thinkers I surround myself with, I would still be taking any collaboration and get no where in my business.  I wouldn’t be able to create content that is meaningful and I would loose my followers due to crap content.

Simple and Pretty Co. wants to help solve a very important problem we have in the digital space.  I want to guide boss babes (hold the babes) to find their voices so that they the convey a clear message to the brands.

Do you have the fire underneath you to start working with brands who truly respect you for your work? Are you ready to realize that you are worth so much more?

Claim a spot to work one on one with me to start creating an authentic pitch to start seeing finical results to your Influencer business.

How To Create An Authentic Pitch to Generate Revenue - Pitches- Make Money- Content Creator- Content- Blogger- Influencer


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