Everything Will Be Okay

It’s the second week in the New Year and I wanted to check in to see how you are doing with your goal achievements.

Are you at a place where you want to give up? Are you not as motivated?

This is completely normal babe and I want you to know that you are not alone.

When I left my teaching job, it was because I was not being challenged enough and was tired of the politics in the school system.  What’s really sad is no matter which occupation you are in, there’s always going to be politics.

Two nights ago, I had this terrible dream that I told people on my Instagram story that I’m going back to teaching.  I woke up feeling extremely confused and really scared.

Don’t worry, this isn’t an announcement that Simple and Pretty Co. is over but it is interesting how many things I had to fail to get to where I am today.

Simple and Pretty Co. was first launched as a jewelry boutique and when life hit me, I didn’t have the energy to continue.  It wasn’t the fact that the demand for my jewelry wasn’t out there, but instead, it was an  eye opener that I was not a jewelry company but a marketing brand.  Through the tough time in life, I realize that jewelry making wasn’t something I wanted to do.  Did I loose any relationships from me shifting my business model? No.  It was because I put the correct words around my brand to help me create a clearer focus.

The beauty is that I was able to bounce back pretty quickly and was motivated to keep going but not without tears and sacrifice along the way.

It’s so important to know that success is about your reaction to what life throws at you.  Being a successful entrepreneur means to jump over hurtle to achieve your short term goals.  Having a successful brand means that there’s never an end goal but you just keep growing until something else tickles your fancy.

Loosing motivation is not uncommon and people tend to not achieve their goals because they can’t get themselves back up again.  If you’re trying something new, I would suggest you to try it again.  If you are still unable to continue, maybe it’s not the right thing for you.

Mandy…are you telling me to give up?

No! I’m telling you that it’s okay to realize that it might not be the right fit and it won’t bring you joy or happiness.  It’s through these realizations that will ultimately will bring you success in the future because you won’t be waisting your time on a something that isn’t working.

You should still be proud of yourself for trying something new and coming to a conclusion that it’s not for you.  I tried to make jewelry and it’s just not for me.  Does that make me a failure? No! It did help me understand were my strengths are and created a new focus.

I want to see everyone reach a goal this year and that’s why I created the Goal Map Freebie.  My favorite solution to when you want to accomplish a goal is to visually map out your plan.  Click here to claim yours today and can’t wait to see you reach your dreams!


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