This Is SERIOUSLY My Life!

It is Day 7 in the New Year and I’m just blown away already!

Last week, I closed out a giveaway and there are many new followers/readers who decided to stick around and joined the Simple and Pretty Co. Family!  I want to say THANK YOU and WELCOME!

If you’re new or have been around for a bit, you will know that I love to reflect the past because I feel it will make you stronger for the future.  REFLECT not dwell.

Here are some of my reflections:


I want to emphasize that I would not be able to live my dreams without your support and for that, I owe the world.  The messages that I have been receiving about how my blog has kept you motivated to blog yourself has been making me jump for joy!

With this being said, if you’re not getting these messages yourself, I want you to understand that I have been working my butt off to create content and I am finally getting the return.


This is why I want to make a point for you to understand that anything that is worth it to you in life WILL TAKE TIME!!! When you see the rewards, it will bring you so much joy and excitement, which hopefully will provide you the motivation to keep going.

You are the NUMBER ONE factor of why I keep going!

My blog about blogs gave you tips on how to create your own kickass blog and I’ve heard from a lot of followers/readers that they are not ready to create one yet.  Here’s why I think jumping on the blog train is so beneficial:

It’s going to take a while for it to get traction so mine as well start it now.

My blog was in a limbo for about a year before ever doing anything. It wasn’t about five months ago that I realized that I wanted to put my focus on my blog.  I was using only Instagram and I just felt like it wasn’t telling my whole story.  My blog tells my whole story.  Five months later, I am still not getting the page views I want, but it’s much better than last year! Growth.

I’m not going to lie, it’s going to take some hard work to have people trust you and refer to your blog for advice but if it’s going to take to a minute to get the views you want, why not just make it now and start learning from your mistakes?

If you end up working on your blog two months from now, that could have been two months of learning the ropes about this blogging thing, which can lead to more time being lost.

But Mandy, I want it to be perfect! Ummmmm…. did you see my site a couple of weeks ago? People love watching other people grow and succeed after making some mistakes! That’s where the connection and relationship builds from.  I connect with people who are constantly trying to improve themselves for the better and who are not afraid to make some mess ups.  You’re honestly are going to waste time trying to reach for perfection instead of using that time to just do things that will help you achieve a goal.

Simple and Pretty Co. Fam Bam! I seriously love you from the bottom of my heart.  Know that whatever I do always has you in mind and I hope that my mistakes will always inspire you to do something bold and to not be afraid to be the kickass version of yourself.  I will always be here for you and when you send me those messages, it only inspires me to keep going! Always know that I’m here to help you with your Side Hustle and you are the best! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

Here are three steps to take to start creating your kickass blog:

  1. Purchase a hosting site.  This will allow you to create the blog that YOU want.  I use SiteGround to store my content! The steps are super easy.  Just follow the prompts.  If you get stuck, message me! Click here to get started.
  2. Domain name.  Come up with a catchy name that will describe your brand.  I use Google domain because it’s only $12 and they will protect for information.  That is HUGE!
  3. Pick and theme.  I love the themes from Pipdig.  They are the ones who created my theme and they are easy to install.  Plus they will install it for free for you!

How to create a kickass blog, pretty, simple


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