How I Stay Motivated When Working From Home

I am grateful that I am able to work from home. Being my own boss has been so fulfilling but it hasn’t been the easiest to always stay focus.

There are days when I can’t separate my personal and work life. The dishes need to get done, laundry hasn’t been started, and well … so many Netflix shows I can watch. Too many distractions.

So many companies are changing their model and letting their employees work from home. If this is you, I’m sure you were shock and realized it’s a lot different from your fantasy. In this post, I’m going to provide you tangible tips to help those who are working from home stay motivated so that you can find a work-life balance.

Yes, this post is long but stick with me. Promise…there’s some good stuff in here.


Morning routines are so important for all humans, not just for those who work from home. When formulating a morning routine, you want to choose something that you are going to stick with. When your mind knows what’s about to come every single day, you have a higher chance at starting the day off on a good note. For me, I try wake up around the same time each morning. This was really hard for me because for the longest time, I would toss and turn a night, unable to sleep and sometimes be in so much pain, I couldn’t get up. Revita Oil helped me tremendously solve this issue. Learn more about why CDB Oil is good for you in my post How This One Thing Helped my Entrepreneur Anxiety.

Since I changed my intentions to focus more on my wellness, I started seeing a chiropractor to help me with my pain. I’ll talk more about doing something good for yourself later in this post but since Dr. Brain Huffman has been healing my body so that I can live my life, I haven’t had too many restless nights and have been able to wake up on time stick with my schedule.

Next, I will do the average normal stuff like brushing my teeth, drink my coffee and get dress….sometimes.

Tangible Tips: Have things automated in your life because then you don’t have to think about it. We often here this in the content creating world but we can apply this to our life too.

  • Set your alarm on your phone.
  • Set your coffee maker the same time everyday.
  • Use a sonic toothbrush.

Wait… a sonic toothbrush? I know, seems really silly but think about it…if you have a brush that reminds you when to switch sides, it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

I’ve started to use the BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH ROSE GOLD EDITION and it has helped my morning routine run smoothly. Over 10,000 DENTISTS & HYGIENISTS use and recommend the BURST brush. A follower recommend this brush because I wanted something that was going to work, be easy to travel with, and make my life easier. I have been using it over a month now and utilized the travel case. When we left for Indiana for a week, there was still a charge when we got back home. My electric toothbrushes in the past have only kept charge for no more than a week. According to their website, the charge can last up to 4 weeks! That’s really impressive.

The number reason for adding the Burst Sonic Toothbrush to my morning routine is for the timer. The toothbrush has a two minute timer and an industry high 33,000 Sonic Vibrations per minute blasts away your plaque. This was honestly a no brainer to add this to my morning routine.

As for price. There is a little bit of an investment. The BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH ROSE GOLD EDITION is $99 plus FREE SHIPPING. This is the more expensive product on their site but it comes with all of the accessories like the travel case… which make my life SO MUCH EASIER.



Because BURST is so awesome, this investment just became extremely affordable. When you use to promo code: Q4WEXM, you will receive 40% OFF. At check out, you can get the $99 BURST SONIC TOOTHBRUSH ROSE GOLD EDITION for only 59.40 + tax and FREE SHIPPING.


Personally, this is my least favorite thing because with content creating, you never know what is going to be thrown at you but I had to change my mindset. I had to tell myself to get over it and figure out a way to fix this problem. My first year creating content, I was all over the place! Most of it had to do with fear and not knowing what my next project was going to be. I would do what it took to pay my bills but didn’t have much of a system in place. When I was creating content while still being in the classroom, I felt like I was just rushing with every project and wasn’t proud of my accomplishments because I felt like I could have done better. Now having a set schedule, I have been able to step away from my old habits of rushing and truly take my time.

Time blocking will be your best friend. Time blocking means that you set aside time to do specific task all at once. Let’s say you are a blogger. On Mondays…you will write at least three blog posts, Tuesdays… create photo content and so on.

I go into crazy details about time blocking on my RawCast, a podcast without the glitz and glam so that we can just get to the point. Head over to get access to all of the episode of the RawCast.

Creating a schedule is super easy to do. It’s actually sticking with it, is what makes it difficult. I personally have been working on trying to schedule in my lunches (which is sometimes a fail), my appointments, and content creating during a certain time slot. Sometimes you get into a groove and you work through the day. But make sure you have a stopping point and REALLY STICK WITH IT! It will always be there for you tomorrow for you to work on.

Take baby steps. If you’re not ready for time blocking, assign when your day is going to start and when it’s going to end. Since giving myself an ending time (5 p.m.), it has allowed me to really focus on my work and have time to do my house hold chores and spend time with Andy and Sophie.

Another good tip is to set up your other appointment on a recurring schedule. I told you before that I have been going to a chiropractor to help heal my body since I am always at my computer. I found myself hunched over and stuck. I’m assuming if you’re working from home, that means that you are on your lap top which involves a lot of sitting. I have been going regularly to see Dr. Brian Hoffman who practices the Advanced BioStructural Correction (ABC) method.

Here’s the reason why we hurt: When a bone is misaligned in such a way that the body cannot self-correct the problem, it means there is no muscle pulling in the right direction to get the bone back into the ideal position. This can result in pain, fogginess, and instability for the patient.
ABC locates the problem areas and restores them to their proper alignment. This enables patients to experience improved posture with no muscular effort. Areas of muscle tightness are resolved, breathing is easier and fuller, arm and leg pain goes away, and many other common problems dissipate.

Putting this into my schedule and sticking to it has allowed me take care of myself and has been a great motivator because instead of focusing on my pain, I have been able to focus on my work because I don’t have the pain anymore. Align Spinal Health and Wellness has a lot of good videos showing you why their technique really helps the problem instead of masking the pain.

At the end of our sessions, we will schedule out the following weeks. This has helped me know when my stopping points are to make it to my appointments.


Most likely if you’re working from home … your work probably sets your goals for you. Since you don’t have the face-to-face resources, I’m sure one project takes longer to do when you have questions or need guidance. Maybe you know what you’re doing but it’s becoming overwhelming because you took on someone else’s responsibilities. What ever the case might be, keeping organize and giving yourself goals is a great way to keep you motivated when you’re working from home.

Not only do you have to set your goals, you also have to map out your goals. This is why I created a Goal Map PRINTABLE to help you visually see everything you need to do to get a task done. Our lack of motivation doesn’t always mean that we are lazy. Sometimes it’s because we are too overwhelmed to start. The Goal Map will not only allow you to see your tasks but also shows you all that you have accomplished. This PRINTABLE is super affordable. No matter if we are in the office or at home, no one is going to give us a “gold star” for getting something done. Think of this PRINTABLE as your “gold star” because let’s face it…you deserve it!

With so many distractions like social media, tv, your laundry, or the dishes you haven’t gotten to all day, staying motivated is super hard. Especially when you don’t have something to differentiate between your work or personal life. I hope these tips will help you start your day off with a smile and end feeling extremely accomplished. xoxo Mandy Nicole


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