Why Are You Afraid To Make Money?

The uncomfortable conversation, money.

When I was thinking about the future, I asked myself, if I make more money, will I be working more?

Everyone’s goal is to spend less time making more money but is that possible? In the blogging world, you typically hear that people only work 2-3 hours on their blog and make major cash! Is that realistic?

Simple and Pretty Co. pays for my bills and I am grateful that I am able to create content for a living and not have to live off of ramen noodles.

My goal is to always grow in professional development, which means to read books.

Lately, I have been reading “You Are A Bad Ass At Making Money” and Jen Sincero and she talked about how people give rich people a bad name and that we should stop.

How did we start giving rich people a bad reputation?

In my case, my dad messed up making money for me because he did not know how to handle his cash.

Yeah, he kind of made money suck for me and until now. I have been scared to make it because I’ve seen first hand how greed create a delusion and put someone in a real hole.

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With only diving into a couple of chapters into Sincero’s book, I’ve already have been able to shift my mindset about making money and being rich.

She states that money is the reason good things happen.  It’s so true! If there were more people like me and my friends who are rich, we would make the world a kickass place to live because we would just give back!

At the end of chapter 1, she told us to write down answers to why you deserve money and here are mine:

Reasons Why I deserve money:

  • I work my ass off.
  • I stay up late to create content.
  • I have passion for what I do.
  • I help others.
  • I care.
  • I want to see other succeed.
  • I listen to others.

Beautiful things that have happened due to money:

  • Water provided to those in need.
  • Puppies have new homes.
  • Children have education.
  • People have money to go to college.

Awesome things money will add to my life:

  • Travel
  • Provide jobs for others.
  • Sophie will have a backyard.
  • Shower my friends with gifts.
  • Buy my mom pretty things.
  • Buy Andy manly things.
  • Have healthy food deliver to me.
  • Have a kickass wedding.
  • Buy pretty decorations for a home.

How you being rich will benefit others:

  • Provide jobs for others.
  • Make other women feel empowered.
  • Let my mom retire a little early.
  • Allow Andy to retire even earlier.
  • Donate to the Humane Society.
  • Donate to those in need in general.

I’m going to continue to read this magical book and keep you in the loop but won’t give too much away. If you are interested in doing a virtual book club, grab yourself a copy and let’s create a discussion.  I would love to hear how this book has helped you grown with your bad ass self! Click here for your copy of the book.



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  1. January 22, 2019 / 4:15 pm

    I love this book! It will change your life! A must read.

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