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Why I Cried Over Ruining My LuluLemon Leggings


My love for fashion started when I was a little girl. I remember going to the mall with my mom and trying on clothes. Although those experiences usually ended with me being restless and complaining to go home, it was truly a special time in my life.

Now, the shopping landscape has changed drastically and I can imagine it’s mothers teaching their little girls to enter their credit cards, place the return label if the item doesn’t fit, and how to look up a tracking number to see when their order arrives.

Malls will become obsolete and I think my future children will learn about them in textbooks or on Season 54 of Stranger Things. Do you have that song in your head yet? Storrryyyyyy!

But what does this have to do with my crying over my LuluLemon leggings?

lululemon- leggings - workout pants
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Stepping away from content creating for the past couple of months has been a real eye opener. I was able to see things from the consumer’s view point and I can see how shopping can be overwhelming. It’s just a constant, “Here’s my new shoes!,” or “Take a look at my new top from here.” This is where I started to lose myself with content creating because there was no way I would technically be buying this much stuff every single week. I was starting to lose my authenticity and it was making my bottomline blurry.

Now just because I have a passion for fashion does not mean that I have to go out every single week to buy something new and trendy. It’s still possible to create a stylish looks with a top you’ve worn repeatedly. Personally, I think that’s where the creativity lies because you are constantly recreating looks with the same items.


Well the worst has happened! As I was doing laundry, I accidentally threw my LuluLemon leggings in the dryer.

Really Mandy? That’s why?

When I got my leggings two years ago, the price tag at the time seemed extremely outrageous but now it’s safe to say, that price point is worth it!

leggings- lululemon- fashion- workout pants

Align Super-High Rise Pant 28″


As I am transitioning back to blogging and rebooting the Simple and Pretty Co. brand, there are going to be some changes around here.

If you ever watched my stories, I do tend to lean towards more high ticketed items and it’s not because I NEEEED name brand products…it’s because I believe that the products are going to bring me joy and hold up against with my lifestyle.

This whole notion were people make others feel bad because they lean towards name brand items is bullshit to me. One…we shouldn’t be judging each other’s choices and two… there are other reason’s for someone to buy name brand items than just trying to show off their social status.


Yes, I like nice things! Shoot me!

Nice things actually holds up better and I find myself not waisting money or my time. If you recall, I said that I cried over ruining my LuluLemons after TWO YEARS of my initial purchase.

If there’s 730 days in two years and the leggings cost $98, you would only have to wear them 98 times to get your money’s worth. I think these leggings have proven to me that the price point is well worth it.


Take care of them. For the past four years, I have been hanging my clothes to air dry and I have found this method to help the life span of my clothes. Knowing that I paid a premium price for my clothes also helps me get into the mindset to give my clothes extra TLC.

This is why I cried about my LuluLemon leggings and why I cry when anything gets ruined. The things I have bring me joy and have served me to make my life easier. Yes, they are just products and items but because I take pride and take care of my stuff, I developed an emotional attachment to them. Plus… I worked my ass off to buy them.

Am I little stingy with my money? Absolutely. I don’t do a lot of impulse buys but instead, I save up for the things I want. I don’t put anything on credit cards and there for, I have to discipline myself. I buy nice things because I know in the long run, it’s going to make my life easier, I’m going to take care of them, and there’s going to be true experience from beginning to end with the item.

The purpose of this blog post is to make it known my intentions for the future of Simple and Pretty Co. You will see me posting about nice stuff but before judging me, please take the time to understand my why.

leggings - lululemon- workout pants
Align Super-High Rise Pant 28″


I’m in the process of saving up for new leggings. Now knowing the quality and how durable LuluLemons are, I would suggest it to anyone who is in the market to find new leggings to consider LuluLemon.

If you ever felt like people judged you for having nice things, this also serves as a reminder that you worked really hard to provide the lifestyle you want and there’s nothing shameful about that.

Now, I’m going to continue to morn over the lost of quality of my favorite leggings and will see you next time for my next sarcastic comments, snarky truths, and the next fun adventure.

xoxo Mandy Nicole

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