Short and Sweet Love Letter

May is just around the corner and that means that I will be celebrating a year of hard work over here at Simple and Pretty Co.  Crazy!

Since deciding to pursue Simple and Pretty Co. full time, there have been many obstacles and changes.  Many different strategies  and always reevaluating past projects.

So where am I now? Am I truly happy with my numbers? What are the next steps?

When deciding to take your side hustle into your full time gig, unfortunately there’s no magical step to become an overnight success.  Although I was working almost 80 hours a week while being a teacher, I feel like I’ve had to work smarter instead of harder which leads to me being mentally exhausted.  Am I happy with my numbers?

For it nearing to the end of my first year, no.  I’m not happy.  But being an entrepreneur means that you are always wanting more and out do yourself every time.  I’m surviving and I’m doing it! That’s what counts.

When creating a brand, there isn’t a training booklet.  You just have to figure it out on your own and do the best that you can.

My best advice is to always have your heart in the right place and make sure that your service or product always serves others to make their lives easier.

What’s the next step for Simple and Pretty Co.?

#SipandMingle Branding Conference is almost here and we have reached our goal because we are SOLD OUT! We still plenty of the Influencer After Party tickets.

Tara and I have some projects coming up in the near future and can’t wait to share!

This post is short and sweet but I wanted to provide you a loving reminder before Valentine’s Day that you are awesome and that you can truly do anything.  It just takes time.  Keep your head up and let’s continue to kick ass in 2019!

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