Save Yourself From Paying Full Price On Christian Louboutin

I have been admiring Christian Louboutin since I was in college and now my dreams finally came true.

For me, it’s not the easiest decision to splurge on myself but there are designer items I think you should wait to pay full price…. maybe a Gucci Marramont bag… just saying but Christian Louboutin are NOT one of them!

When it comes to shoes, I honestly can’t get myself to drop over $800 but here are some tips to get your next lux pair for the fraction of the cost. NOTE: These are NOT comfortable but are great for the dramatic effect.

christian louboutin- pink- summer fashion- designer- lux-brunch

Getting To Know Your Consignment Store

My biggest fear is going to a consignment store, buying something designer, and coming home to find out it’s fake. It’s really important for you to get to know your consignment store.

When I sold my Louis Vuitton at Style Encore Ft. Myers, I watched how they authenticated my bag. It made me feel better that they took their time, looked up the skus, and the condition. This gave me an ease of mind for future purchases and made the process easier.

Stalking Them On Social Media

Be the first to know by following Style Encore Ft. Myers’ Instagram. They do a great job sharing their new inventory on their stories and when a friend saw them, I DMed Style Encore Ft. Myers to put them on hold. Don’t be scared to slide into their DM to ask for the designer shoe’s availability.

Consignment Store vs. Online

I love going to consignment stores like Style Encore Ft. Myers for designer shoes because I can go in to see if the shoe fits….literally. Ordering your designer shoes online is the worst when you get an amazing deal but to find out they don’t fit.

With designers, the sizing isn’t standard and can run small. It’s a good idea to find yourself a consignment store that is close to you like Style Encore Ft. Myers because you can try them.

I’m very happy that I was able to try my Louboutin on before purchasing. Stilettos are a whole new beast and now I know these are just dinner shoes. Not a night out with the girls. Maybe brunch too. Basically…just to go out to eat pair. Without seeing them in person first, I wouldn’t know where my investment was going towards. And returning is another pain.

The Price

I know you’re gonna freak when I tell you what I got these beauties for. When I told my best friend from college, who’s not into designers, we both started jumping around like little girls on the playground in the middle of the restaurant.

These Pink 100 mm Pigalle Follies at retail are $695 before tax and for the classic pairs, you are looking to spend anywhere from 800-1000.

At Style Encore Ft. Myers, I just paid $225 before tax! This is a $470 discount!

christian louboutin- pink- summer fashion- designer- lux-brunch

The Packaging

I’m sorry to say but Christian Louboutin has missed the mark when it comes to their packaging. There’s no experience.

A friend of mine got hers from their online store and when I saw her box, it was nearly in the same condition as mine…which was from consignment. The box is just a think cardboard brown color and doesn’t provide the excitement when opening to see your new babies. It’s boring and honestly, if I had to pay full price, I would be extremely disappointed.

When I purchased my Gucci Marramont bag, not only did I get the experience at the store picking her out, them closing the door to gift wrap it for me, and then me being careful unboxing the newest member of my closet, felt like it was worth spending that money because it’s a memory I will never forget.

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Not all designer shoes are the same. Even with my Tory Burch sandals had a better quality box and a better experience. It’s normal price is what I paid, for the Louboutin on consignment. Thank you … next!

christian louboutin- pink- summer fashion- designer- lux-brunch

Save Yourself From Paying Retail For Christian Louboutin

Overall, I was extremely impressed by the shoes and they are living to everything I thought they were going to be. But as a person who doesn’t mind spending retail on designer, Christian Louboutin is not one of them. Having a go to consignment store like Stye Encore, where I can trust that my designers are real, easy to communicate via social media, and overall makes the shopping process a breeze, does in fact make my Christian Louboutin worth it. With Style Encore Ft. Myers, I was still able to get the experience and the thrill of getting my new Louboutin at the fraction of the cost.

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