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I am so excited to announce that Simple and Pretty Co. has finally added a travel section to the blog! It’s been a dream to explore the world.

For now, we are going to stick with #staycations and hidden local gems.

Since moving to Naples, I have been stuck in my own bubble building my brand and haven’t been able to explore Southwest Florida as much as I have been wanting to.

Things are never going to “slow down” for me and I had to make it a top priority to create new memories around my new home.

That’s why #staycations are the best!

To paint you a picture, Naples is sandwiched between Miami and Ft. Myers, with islands along its coast.

The one thing that I miss about living in the Tampa Bay area is the beer! You can walk out and have so many options to hang out with your friends at a brewery.  When I found out that Cape Coral was having an Oktoberfest, I said, “SIGN ME UP!!!”

It’s so important that we are safe when drinking is involved and it has been best practice for Andy and I to find a hotel near our destination.  The stars pretty much aligned when Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers reach out to me to experience a #staycation with them.

This weekend, Andy and I are heading to Oktoberfest on Saturday but since we are going to be staying at the Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers all weekend, I wanted to create a list of places to go where I could feel like a local.

| Food |


Image result for ginza fort myers


I have personally experienced this not so secret amazing restaurant called GinZa.  Their menu has the most wonderful sushi and hibachi selection and you won’t believe the price! ALL YOU CAN EACH FOR 23.95! Yep, you read that right! 23.95! I’m getting so hungry thinking about it.  It’s not a buffet but you can order all you want from a menu. My favorite sushis were the Snow White Roll and US 41 Roll.  Who’s joining me for dinner this weekend?


Image result for house of pizza fort myers

How to get my attention? Say, “PIZZA!” No matter where I go, there needs to be pizza that is involved.  When I found out about Downtown House Of Pizza, I may or may have not almost fainted looking at their menu.  The reviews are great! The word around town is if you want good pizza in Ft. Myers, Downtown House Of Pizza is the place to go.  They do close at 10 p.m. so good thing we are going to Oktoberfest during the day!

| At Night|

You might not be heading to Ft. Myers during Oktoberfest so here are some suggestions of places to check out through out the year.

If you’re looking for a solid night life scene, Society is the place to be! Not only do they provide an American Modern menu and brunch, but they also turn into a night club after dark! Society provides a roof top bar usually with live music and the downstairs area is a where you can blow off steam and dance the night away to house music.

Of course, I had to see if there was a brewery in Ft. Myers! And there are plenty!

Image result for fort myers brewery


2016 Best Florida Beer Competition

If that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does! Just looking at the pictures are reminding me of home! This is a must go to place for a chill night out.

Create your own Oktoberfest all year round by trying out these other breweries:

Old Soul Brewery

Palm City Brewery

Millennial Brewery in Downtown Ft Myers

Marlins Brewery

I’m excited to create memories on my #staycation this weekend at Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers. It’s going to be fun exploring Ft. Myers like a local! Stay tune for a blog post about my stay at Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers.  I can’t wait to showcase all that they have to offer so that you can start planning for your perfect #staycation.


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