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Life After LASIK

Being helped up after my LASIK surgery, I was asked, “What do you see?” I broke down in tears and said, “I see the clock.”

With so many emotions running through my veins the day of my surgery, I couldn’t compose myself to express my feelings. Now that it’s been about two months after my surgery, I wanted to give you an update about my life after LASIK. Spoiler Alert! At the end of this post, there’s something for YOU.

Let’s start from the beginning and catch you up. This all started in my spam inbox where I saw the word LASIK. I apparently got sent a message through my contact form but it was flagged to go to my spam. I decided to read up on the message and it happened to be a local eye doctor, here in the Southwest Florida area. I read the message and it prompted me to call or text a number. I took the chance … and boy, am I happy that I did.

I thought this process was going to be easy. I have bad vision, Dr. Frantz will tell me I can do LASIK, do a procedure, and YAY I can see! This was not the case at all. Promise, it’s all positive.

To give you perspective on this whole entire process, we kind of have to start from my youth. I know that I can just lead you to go to my past posts, but you’re here now and when it comes to your eyes and understanding why you should ditch the glasses and invest in yourself, it’s truly important to me that you are able to understand the importance of choosing the CORRECT physician to operate on your eyes.

When I was 6 years old, my teacher noticed that it was hard for me to see the board and suggested to go in for an eye appointment. I was subscribed glasses following the appointment and at a really young age, I felt like I was given a stigma that I was different for not having strong eyesight. Growing up as a first generation Asian-American, I already had a tough time looking different but now I was given yet another thing to target my appearance. All of this is happening just at the age of 6. Tough right? I remember being called up to the teacher’s desk to discuss my work and every time, I would take off my glasses. Six year old Mandy was ashamed of not having good eye sights and I felt taking them off meant that I was trying to strengthen my eyes. Little Mandy was pretty deep. The point was that I felt such a negative feeling at such a young age.

Contacts finally came around but different levels, different devils. As a teacher, I would feel so emotional and physically drained to the point where I would fall asleep with my contacts in. This habit got so bad that I ended up having a ulcer in my left eye. I know, this story is becoming extremely dramatic and I wish I was making everything up.

Now it has been over 4 years since I went to the eye doctor and every single appointment seem to be negative. When I was considering getting LASIK, I was hesitant to go because I didn’t want to hear really bad news that I couldn’t recover from. It’s like being scared to get a physical because you’re afraid to find out something bad and not knowing there is the better option. Wow, now I’m sounding like a man.

My first meeting with Dr. Frantz, he said that there’s a process with figuring out if you are a LASIK or a PRK candidate.


Chances are, you’ve heard of LASIK. But do you know how it works or what the procedure entails? LASIK is a form of laser vision correction, one of the most popular elective surgeries in the U.S. Using a laser beam, an eye surgeon can reshape the cornea of your eye to make it more ideal for focusing light, thus improving your vision.

LASIK can be used to correct some of the most common vision problems, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. In fact, many of our Fort Myers area patients report that LASIK has helped them eliminate their need for contact lenses or glasses. Some of these ecstatic patients have worn corrective lenses their entire lives.

Like LASIKPRK vision correction is intended to correct your vision and reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. PRK has been performed longer than LASIK. PRK gained FDA approval in the United States for correction of nearsightedness in 1995 and for farsightedness in 1998.

In this procedure, Dr. Frantz uses an instrument to brush away epithelial cells, instead of creating the epithelial flap used in LASIK. After surgery, the surface will heal on its own. He then uses an excimer laser to reshape the underlying corneal tissue. Anesthetic drops are used to reduce pain. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops are applied to the eye and the eye is covered with a bandage contact lens, which is removed 3 – 5 days later after the epithelium has had a chance to grow back.


  • Excellent alternative when LASIK is not an option (i.e. thin corneas).
  • No complications of stromal flap possible.
  • Faster vision rehabilitation with LASIK.
  • Long-term outcome similar to LASIK.
  • PRK patients have more discomfort than LASIK patients in first 24-48 hours.
  • PRK requires more healing time than LASIK.
  • Surgery is performed one eye at a time for PRK. Usually, both eyes are done at the same time with LASIK.
  • Visual results of PRK and LASIK six months after surgery are comparable.
  • You can’t drive for one week after PRK surgery. Most people can drive the next day after LASIK.

There are pictures to go along with the PRK procedures but some might be sensitive to eye stuff. So I’ll let you head to Better Visions’ website to see everything. Not graphic or anything but want to respect all sensitivity.

To give you a prospective on how hard it was for me to see… on my left eye, my vision was -7 and my right was -6. As of today, I’m proud to say that I’m 20/20 but was there a process. Actually a blessing.

During my testing to see if I would be a LASIK, PRK or a candidate for any procedure did take longer than expected. This is because Dr. Frantz and his team are extremely thorough and takes pride on making sure each patient is treated correctly. Plus they give you fresh baked cookies at every visit.

At my appointment, they noticed that I had a hole in my retina and felt that I had to fix this problem first before getting LASIK or PRK done. I’m so grateful that Dr. Frantz’s team took the time to examine my eyes to detect this problem before it can get even worse in my later years.

The first procedure I had to undergo was getting my retina laser to close the hole in my right eye. Then allow it to heal in a month and then get LASIK. Now, this is what makes Dr. Frantz Eye Care so much different than others. He has several locations to make it easier for patients but instead of hopping around to go to a specialist and get up with a new practice to get this done, Dr. Frantz Eye Care makes it convenient for his patients and has all the different eye specialist at his offices.

Dr. Warrier was the board-certified Vitreoretinal surgeon who specializes in overall comprehensive management of both medical and surgical disorders of the vitreous and retina who operated my procedure. She really takes the time to get to know her patients but not only listen but REMEMBERS! This is a little off topic but really shows her character and the reason why I recommend going to Dr. Frantz’s office for your eye care… even for routine check ups.

Andy and I live in a really small town and it’s not uncommon to to see someone you know. We were out shopping… well basically me wanting to look at everything and him telling me to stop. As we were walking towards the next store, I ran into Dr. Warrier. At this point, I have only have met with her twice and it was several weeks after seeing her at my last appointment. As we were chatting, she asked how our move into a new condo was going, asked about the dog, and just asking how I’m doing overall. Dr. Warrier sees many patients and although I know I’m not easy to forget….te he…. it was still really impressive.

Overall the experience with Dr. Frantz Eye Care felt like it was a whole team effort to get to the end goal, LASIK.

Two months has pasted since you saw my on my Instagram stories, crying my new eyes out because I was able to see right away. I won’t go through the whole details right now on my feelings about the actual procedure, I’ll save that for another post. Another spoil alert, not as scary as you might think.

I feel like I finally got my life back from when I was six years old. At first, I felt like my eyes were scratchy but nothing that would keep you from going back to work. My procedure was done on a Friday (the only day they schedule for LASIK so that you can plan ahead with your work, if you’re considering to get this done) and I was back to work… going from my bed to my couch and working on my computer by Monday. It was about a month I experienced dry eyes but I just added drops to them 4-6 times a day.

LASIK made traveling so much easier. Packing for our Indiana trip was a breeze without having to make sure that I have enough contacts, not worrying about contact solution leaking in my bag, or forgetting my glasses. All I had to worry about was makeup, clothes, toothbrush, shoes and my deodorant.

How many times have you misplaced your glasses case or had to put your glasses in your purse? Wow, writing this, I realized that I’m really irresponsible. That’s why LASIK was the perfect choice for me because with all of us having busy lives, having your physical anatomy become a hinder in your life is not an option if it can be fixed.

With so many options on choosing a doctor to perform your procedure, really take the time to know who is operating on you. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Do they have my best interest at heart?
  • How do the staff treat me?
  • Do the staff seem happy to be at work?
  • What are their credentials?
  • Are they bothered by me asking so many questions?

Your eye sight should not be taken lightly and you should have the best of the best working on your eyes. Dr. Frantz is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist with a two-year Fellowship-Trained Refractive Surgeon
Cataract & Refractive Specialist. Jonathan M. Frantz, M.D. combines his extensive experience, dedication and impressive educational background with the latest technical advances in the field of laser vision correction and cataract surgery. He is ranked the #1 Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgeon in Florida* and is One of the Country’s Top 5 Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgeons**.

At every appointment, he always asked me if I had any further questions and made sure that I always felt comfortable. This procedure is a big investment on yourself but I’m telling you it is worth every penny! Like I promised, Dr. Frantz Eye Care wants to gift a $1,000 OFF on your surgery for being a Simple and Pretty Co. reader. The practice already gives so much but wants to go above and beyond and extend their kindness to you. Consultations are 100% FREE and if you are considering LASIK, why not take the time to SEE if you’re a candidate. Get it…SEE. Get your eyesight back in 20/20. You deserve it. Make sure to mention Simple and Pretty Co., Mandy Nicole or SIMPLECO to get your generous discount.

If you’re truly considering, let me help you out! Fill out this form and I’ll make sure that Dr. Frantz office will contact you to set up your FREE consultation.

You’re privacy means everything to me. This will only be shared with Dr. Frantz’s office to help you set up a FREE consultation. Your information does not get sold to other companies.


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