Lessons From These Core Values

Welcome back! I’m so excited that you decided to come back for part two because seriously, it’s going to be awesome!

I have been listening to the Story Brand podcast and it helps you learn how to cancel out the noise so that you can just tell your story.  It’s amazing because their framework truly aligns with how I want to run my business.

The episode talked about talkable moves and how they are effective to build your brand.  It’s message was, give as much as you can about the knowledge you have.  Just give it away.

Yes you read that correctly, just give it away.

Yesterday, I posted my core values and here they are again:

The second core value says, “Tips to help you achieve your dreams.”

This is why I created my blog because when I was reading articles about people’s experiences when building a brand, it was about their stories that happened years and years ago and I couldn’t find a connection.  I wasn’t able to find something that was relatable to my current struggles.  And you know me about finding a solution… If I can’t find it, I’ll just do it!

The Girl Boss … which needs to renamed Boss Babe … Hold the Babe was created.  I wanted a safe place for people to come to and read about my struggles and achievements so that you can truly know what it is like to build a brand from the ground up.

Here’s why Simple and Pretty Co. started; to solve a problem.  When I first started out, I created jewelry that was handmade and wasn’t going to break the bank.  I wanted people to use their earnings to spend on experiences such as travel and exploring.

I left Instagram for about three months and was trying to sell my page.  I wasn’t getting the offer amount I thought Simple and Pretty Co. deserved and only lost about 1,000 followers.  That’s a social media miracle because if you leave for a day, you can loose so many followers.

I truly think it was because I kept telling my story and people related to it.  Unfortunately, with so many life changes, I couldn’t keep up with the jewelry boutique but realized that my strength wasn’t creating jewelry but telling a story.  That is why I decided to start helping other tell their stories through content creating.

Fast forward to today.  I left my teaching career to create content for other brands and to help people achieve their dreams.  When I was in the education system, I noticed that it was failing our future generations and did fail our current workforce.

Our system only worries about being proficient in Math, Language Arts, and Science but does not have structures in place to figure out our skills and put systems in place to master our talents.

Having many conversations with new friends via Instagram, I just noticed that many feel like they are stuck in their corporate jobs and that they want the confidence to branch out on their own.

It’s scary and it’s not easy! I totally get it! But why figure out that process all my yourself?

Let’s now move backward to the beginning of this blog post and finally let you in on the surprise.  My time is valuable but your dreams are more important to me.  If you are at all curious about content creating, having a better understanding of what Simple and Pretty Co. is all about, you want to work with brands, or you want to start your own brand, just give me a shout! For always and forever, I will offer a FREE one to one talk over the phone or in person to help you navigate telling your story.  I want to give give give! Because seeing you succeed, is the greatest reward!

This sounds awesome right! But how do you get a hold of me?

You can shoot me an email at simpleandprettyco (at) gmail (dot) com, DM on Instagram at @simpleandprettyco, or give me a call (please go through the first two process because we all know, I need to protect myself).

Here are some things for you to think about before our talk:

Do I have a media kit?

How can I grow a following authentically?

Where do I start?

Do I LOVE my blog?

What should I talk about to my readers/followers?

Can I do this? (well duh!)

I truly look forward to our future talks! Please don’t ever hesitate to ask any questions and I will always do my best to give you the best answer!

Love you all and talk soon!


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