Do Something For Yourself To Save Time

How many times have you’ve looked up at your ceiling and just told yourself, “I have to get ready and I really don’t want to!” And then you catch yourself staring at the wall or ceiling and now you’re late.

We’ve all been there and it’s usually because the standard of putting on makeup has been brought to a whole new level and it can get exhausting.

What can we do to make our lives a little easier?

When looking back to my makeup routine, I started to analyze what took the longest.  It was truly my eyebrows!

I know that you will be able to relate with this statement, “My eyebrows will love me or hate me today.” No matter what, your self-esteem kind of relies on how fleek your eyebrows are that day.

For about two years, I was researching microblading and was truly intrigued.  I personally grew up with family members with interesting permanent makeup results and was scared.

The history:

Microblading is an increasingly popular procedure to give a person perfectly filled in brows. The technique started in Asia and has been around 25 years, but has recently started gaining popularity in the U.S. It has been one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets!

Jennifer Cummins, of Jen’s Brow Lab in Tampa, Florida reached out to me to try this now trendy service and she walked me through what should be look for when picking an artist.

The process:

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo. It is a manual tool, made up of tiny needles in a blade, where a technician will insert pigment into the upper layers of the skin. The effects are semi-permanent as the pigment will fade over time. The average touch up is 12 months to refresh fullness.

When picking an artist, this is what Jen says are the key factors to help you find the perfect fit:

It’s important to look at their portfolio for examples of their work.  Of course you can utilize Instagram to help you determine their skills.  Plus, this is great way to to see if the artist has worked with different skin tones and the maturity levels of the skins.

Through out the process, I loved how Jen showed me every product she was using.  Everything was in it’s individual package and were indeed disposable.  Jen also stated that this is the the safest way to prevent Blood Bourne Pathogens from spreading as there is tiny bits of bleeding involved.

She also showed me her certificate that stated that she was inspected by the local health department.  The biggest surprise to me was that Microblading artists need to have their tattoo artist license to practice.  It seems logical, but for some reason, I thought the artists only needed a cosmetic license.  Every certification should be hung up on the wall.

Lastly, just check out their reviews.  Customers’ reviews are great.

So why would someone want to consider Microblading?

Like I said before, doing something for yourself that will free up some time is what I am all about! The fact that I know that I don’t have to do my brows during my makeup routine, makes me so happy.

I’ll do a follow up blog to let you know if it truly does decrease my time.

Now what you’re waiting for! How bad was the pain?!?!

My pain tolerant, in my opinion is a little higher than the average.  If I had to put a number to it, I would say it’s between a 3-5.  Jen placed numbing cream on my brows and at first, I couldn’t feel anything! Great start.  Then she did her magic and at some points the pain did go up to a 5 but only for a moment.

Overall, the pain is manageable and if you have a great artist like Jen, she or he will always be in constant communication with you and will make sure you’re comfortable.

Here are some photos from today’s experience:


Jen’s Brow Lab

701 S. Howard Ave ste 205
Tampa, Florida 33606



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