Is It Enough?

Marketing is a simple concept right? Then why is there so much to do?

Today, I had a great conversation with a reader who is inspired to be a model/blogger and the topic of discussion was, is it enough?

I asked her to tell me her goals and she told me that she is inspiring to become a spokes model for brands.

Is that what brands want?

The last five years, I’ve noticed that there has been a shift in the marketing world and it’s not as simple like it use to be.  You are the right fit to represent the brand and they pay you to model for them.  These days, brands are expecting more but why wouldn’t they since the access of technology is so easy and anyone can call themselves an “influencer.”

Let’s take myself for an example.  I AM NO MODEL! I am able to pose and take pretty pictures but no one in their right mind will hire me to be a “model.” That’s okay because I wasn’t built for it nor do I want to do it.

I’m not saying that modeling is dead.  What I am saying is that it’s a different field and I thought it would be fun to give you some tips on how to shift your mindset to have this become a career instead of a job.

  1. Consider yourself as a personal brand. Instead of saying that you are a model, say that you are a brand. Tell your story.  Let people know about you so that you can build a relationship with your readers.
  2. Start a blog.  Why would I start a blog when no one will read it? Well give readers a reason to read your blog!  Start small.  Start blogging about products or brands that you love.  This will help you create credibility.  Also brands are looking to improve their SEO, have content to use and use your blog as marketing materials.  It’s actually a little more complicated but I promise, there’s a reason.  (Shoot me an email and I’ll explain more).

This post can go forever and honestly, it will be extremely over whelming and no one needs that.  Just know that there are so many options for you to create a true career out of content creating.  Always remember to start with telling your story.

I’m excited to announce that Simple and Pretty Co. will be opening up a 3 months intensive mentorship that will get you started from building your blog, creating email pitches and help with growing your Instagram!




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