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Bringing Back Simple and Pretty Co. For Who She Was Intended To Be

Thank you so much for following along my personal journey for over two years but it is time to bring Simple and Pretty Co. back for who she was intended to be.


I am going on almost four years owning the name Simple and Pretty Co. and boy has she gone through a couple of makeovers.

When I first started, it was because my grandfather had just passed away and my uncle survived live cancer.  It was such a low point of my life but it birth something beautiful; Simple and Pretty Co.

For those who are newer, I started out creating jewelry as a creative outlet and it has rewarded me in so many ways.  Starting a new business, I didn’t know what I was doing but I kept it simple.  I made jewelry and formed relationships.  Life decided to throw me a curve ball and my long term boyfriend and I broke up.  I left Instagram for about three months and my community really stepped up.  I got messages from so many of you and that gave me the strength as a personal blogger.


Coming back as a personal blogger, it was my time to heal because I think my break up was caused because I wasn’t being true to myself which lead me to putting my full focus on my business.  As I matured, I noticed that the break up wasn’t caused by my business but somehow I thought that.  My business is what helped me healed from the lost and the pain I had when my grandfather passed away.

Being a content creator was one hell of a journey but girl, it is not for me.  I started loosing even my sense of style because when I worked with others, I didn’t get a choice sometimes.  I started to become numb because in my eyes, I would spend hours and hours on my brand but I didn’t know if I was making a difference or not.

Creating content for others really took so much time away from my family.  All I did was talk about work. I couldn’t find the “OFF” switch because my job was to share my life.  I am truly happy for these past two years being Mandy Nicole but she needs some rest and would like to introduce you to Simple and Pretty Co. again.


She is funny babe! She overthinks about everything! She likes to have everything simple when she is getting ready…including her clothes.  She’s not always glam but when she is….YASSS!

Often on my stories, you all would see me with or without makeup.  Looking like a bum or looking fabulous.  Basically, I showed my mood.  Simple and Pretty Co. is going to help you find items to add to your closet so that you know when you want to glam up, you’re covered.

The pieces are going to be elegant, simple, and pretty … basically on brand… so that you can just have fun and show off your personality.


You trusting me again as a boutique owner.  The site is up and things are moving along a lot faster than I anticipated so I’ll be making a few mistakes here and there.  Just bare with me because I am learning and wanting to make sure that everyone has the best experience.

To be honest, I’m not sure about the official launch yet.  But I am doing a pre order sale! If you use the code “PREORDER” at checkout, you will get 10% OFF on your order!

Plus… FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS! ya welcome!


Yes but only at certain markets in South Florida.  I’ll keep you updated but Tampa and St. Pete, we’ll be seeing you more!


At the moment, we are using are resources to focus on the brand itself and how we are going to portray the message.  If you’re wanting to be considered in the future, don’t hesitate to send an email to simpleandprettyco(at)


Alright, so I’m done talking now because it’s time for you to snoop around the shop! I hope you really enjoy it! Let me know if you ever have any questions, I’m always happy to answer them!

Thank you so much for your love and support! This is an exciting and nervous step but I’m excited! Cheers!



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