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7 Tips On How To Take An Instagram Worthy Photo

If life wasn’t already stressful enough, instead of just posting a cute group photo or one of yourself, it now became you posing for 30 minutes, then editing the photo, and then FINALLY posting it on your social media. Then it’s checking on the comments and the saves. So maybe it’s not THAT terrible the likes are going away… that’s a whole different blog post and will be saved for another day.

No matter if you’re an Influencer, taking family photos, or want to document a girls’ night out, here are some tips to help you take an awkward pose to an Instagram worthy post!


We’ve all joked about having an Instagram hubby but if you want the real tea, I really do have one…well the word hubby is still in the works…lol. When you’re trying to pose for your feed, whether it’s for a campaign or just to show off your outfit of the day, here are some tips that will help defuse the fighting.


When Andy and I are out shooting, we don’t use anything fancy besides my cell phone. Before he hits the button, the first thing I do is find the exact spot I would like him to take the photos. Pre framing helps him know my expectations of the shot I want. This eliminates questioning. For instance, if there’s a chair near me and I don’t want it, he knows. Or if we are shooting near a street and there are parked cars, he knows to try not to get it in the frame. By me showing him what all I want in the background has helped our photo taking process move along and ultimately helped us not fight.


During the pre framing phase, I also place where I want him to hold the camera. My advice is to have the camera super high or super low. The middle will be your enemy.

I promise after a few months of arguing, it’s going to be easier for him or her to know exactly your “right” angles.

To make your Instagram feed less boring, I like to use a mixture of these angles. I like to use this rule of thumb:

For sexy- low angle

Cute and adorable- high angle


Girl, you’re just going to have to take charge if you want a great photo with your girl gang. If this isn’t really you, be sure to send this to your friend who tends to take charge. If you got sent this, listen up!

Make sure your friend who is the tallest is always in the middle. It will make her feel really uncomfortable at first but once she sees the photo, she will thank you for it. This will make her not seem as tall as the rest of the group.

Tell the group to add movement in the shot and have everyone focus on themselves. The more comfortable each person feels, the more comfortable everyone will come off in the photo.

How to add movement? Have some people look at each other and do a ridiculous laugh, the end people swing their bag out a little, and maybe suggest to do a leg pop. Make the photo as candid as possible. Teach your girl gang to portray what it would look like when you’re actually having fun with them. Have everyone the center of the attention.


This is a little tricky. You might have little humans who might not want to be there and it’s also all about preference. I’m not the biggest fan imitating the royal family and I personally like to see the family have some fun.

I would suggest to talk to your photographer about bringing and using props. If it’s a holiday card, maybe use a stuff reindeer or anything related to that season. This will allow your child to bring movement to the photo while you get to sit back, smile, and let him or her do all the work. No seriously, these are the best photos because lets just face it, everyone else in your family just wants to see little Timmy in the photo to see how big he has gotten. I’m only kidding…sort of. But this creates a beautiful candid photo all while keeping your little one entertain.

Back in my photography years…oh yeah, I use to be a professional photographer, I use to tell my parents with younger children to just play with the kiddos and I would do the rest to capture the moment.

Another good tip when doing family photos with little ones is get your standard overly uncomfortable, sitting down poses out of the way in the beginning.


Do you ask yourself these questions? What should I do with my hands? How do I stand? Do I look awkward?

Here’s the secret: If it feels super unnatural, you’re doing it right!


Here’s the break down when I say “movement.” When you are taking a photo, make sure you’re walking around, jump around, twist and turn, basically become a ballerina.

While everyone is asking themselves if you’re doing the chicken dance, make sure you have your camera person clicking that button like crazy. With this combination, you will be able to find at least two to three usable photos.


You know that awkward feeling we have been talking about? Here’s how to get over it! Make your movements big! This will help you fill your frame and make your photo ready to post. Just standing there is what makes a photo feel awkward and why if feels like you can’t get that “money shot.” If you have a drink with you, cheers to the camera. Don’t be afraid to feel comfortable in your own skin. Just have fun. The camera is great at capturing a fun moment but is even better at capturing an uncomfortable moment. Show off the confidence by just being silly.

If you’re not ready to make a big statement, that’s okay! You can also lean towards the camera and play with your sunglasses. Step forward while popping your hip out. You can even put your hands on your hips and give a big smile. The point is, just start having fun when you are getting photographed. That’s honestly the BIIIIGGGGGGG secret.


Honestly, I can talk about this for hours and of course there will be more tips and tricks to create Instagram worthy photos. We will even cover how to coach your partner for engagement photos, product shoots, and so much more. Make sure to start working on feeling confident in front of the camera for now and we will dive deeper on a different day!

Any of these tips are helpful to you? Would love to know! Leave a comment below or use #spphotostips on Instagram! I would love to show off your work on my stories! Can’t wait to see what you got! Love ya!

xoxo, Mandy Nicole


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