I Wasn’t Made To Work For Someone Else, I Was Made To With Others

I love Wednesdays because it’s a great midpoint to reflect on the past and plan for the future.

Yesterday, Tara and I made the announcement that we are taking #SipandMingle to a whole new level and is starting the Boss Babe … Hold the Babe Movement.

We are heading to Orlando, Florida to host our first Branding Conference and Market.

You may or might not know, in August of 2018, I hosted my fist #SipandMingle event with Ashe Couture in St. Petersburg, Florida to celebrate the end of the summer and to also help Boss Babes … Hold the Babe to find like minded friends who just “gets them.”

It was a small group but it was so perfect! Fast forward to four months later, with a huge help from Tara, we have been able to accomplish 3 SOLD OUT events and I have been living my dreams of being my own boss.

Although, I was never made to have a boss, I was certainly destined to work with others to create something bigger than myself.

Here’s the break down of the #SipandMingle journey.

How many times have you’ve been to a networking event and it was a bust because you felt like so many where just coming up to you for your business? Or you paid for something and you didn’t get anything out of it. I totally get that.  The issue I was coming across was that these events only had drinks with no activity which made things feel forced.  At that point, I could have used my money to go to a bar and talk to the person next to me.

This is how #SipandMingle was born.

My first event was a little bit of a bust (compare to what it is today) but I learned so much from that event.  I learned that I can’t do it all by myself.

This is why I strongly believe that it’s so important to run your business with the mindset of community over competition.

With the help of Tara, we have been able to provide some amazing gift bags, showcase Florida’s beautiful small businesses and honestly kick ass.

Planning for the #SipandMingle Branding Conference and Market would not have been able to start without people who have the same mindset but different skill sets.

At our conference, will offer intimate workshops that will provide real tips to help you overcome obstacles that any boss might encounter from photography techniques, building your Instagram following, rising above the Facebook algorithm and how to properly work with influencers and brands.

I’m so proud to announce that my friend Ashley Zona of Häna Media will be joining us for the #SipandMingle Branding Conference and Market by providing videography to showcase our movement.

Our relationship has been growing for almost two years and this fellow Boss Babe … Hold the Babe and I were meant to collaborate.

The take away from today’s blog is that it’s so important to know that concurring your dreams will take a village (as eloquently said by Tara).

I can’t wait to see everyone at the conference and don’t forget to get the early bird special price because on January 15th, the ticket price will go up!

Seen you soon.



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