How To Work With Influencers

Influencers.  Micro Influencers.  Big topic these days.  Many people are leaving their 9-5 jobs to do this full time.  There are possibilities to create a lucrative brand and provide for yourself if you are willing to do the hustle.

What about the brands? Normally, I write about how to work with brands but I think it’s time to give brands the spotlight this time and perhaps it will help influencers have a better of an understanding of why they are unable to work with you.

Hopefully by the end of this post, you will know what you should look for when collaborating with an influencer.

Problem – Working with your local boutique

You head into your favorite boutique and you see that they are generating sale (maybe mostly by you) and overall the brand looks like it’s doing very well.  Perhaps that’s true so why aren’t they willing to give you free clothes for exchange of a post? For most boutiques, their inventory changes every single day and it’s hard for them to work with influencers because if someone likes a product from the post, it doesn’t allow the boutiques create a sale because it’s gone.

Solution – When working with a boutique, it’s important to talk about the brand itself and not the particular item.  Showcase the brand’s style instead of saying that you love this shirt! Another solution is to create a relationship and understand their stock.  If you bought your favorite top from this boutique, chances they have the updated stock amount on their website.  This is how both parties can benefit from influencer marketing; affiliate links.  This will allow you to get rewarded for promoting the brand but wont cost the brand loss if you are unable to preform.

Problem – An Influencer pitches to me but looking at their IG, something is off.

Solution – TRUST YOUR GUT! Your brand is your baby! That means that you put your heart and soul into it, so you have the right to protect it.  If you are looking at a feed a something does not feel right, here’s some red flag I would consider before making your decision.

Micro Influencers is the HOT term these days.  Their stats are far better than those who have a bigger reach.  Don’t disregard a feed that has 1,000 but take the time to dig deep.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are they in your area? If a micro influencer is in your area, it might be a better choice to partner up with them for collaborations.  It depends on your end goals and what are trying to accomplish.  If you are trying to post your store front sales, then working with a micro influencer in your area might be the best choice.  If you are trying to boost your online sales, maybe working with influencers from a different area with a higher reach is the way to go.

What is they have a lot of followers but their photos have 50 likes? THEY MIGHT HAVE BOUGHT THEIR FOLLOWERS! There’s no shame with buying followers (I personally don’t believe in the strategy) but will that create real sales? Maybe? But if an influencer is not generating engagement but has a big following, they are not building a relationship which can help with sales.  These types of accounts are not the most effective when creating a campaign.

What if don’t have a lot of followers but have over 1,000 likes on their photos? There’s two reasons; they are killing it in the content creating game or they are part of engagement pods.  Engagement pods are tricky.  Typically engagement pods are to help you get noticed because so many people are looking at your photo at the same time and it’s suppose to help your photo move up in the ranks.  If 500 other people are doing the same thing, then who’s to say that your photo is going to have a better reach? If an influencer is part of an engagement pod, they can be paying a bot to like all the photos in the pod and never look at anyone else’s posts.  So imagine if there are about 1,000 people paying for the same service.  That means that there’s 1,000 people who are missing out on content that can lead to sales to your brand.

When working with an influencer, don’t hesitate to ask questions.  Don’t just go by their media kits and stats.  Really ask them the hard questions because you are investing in them.  This is why I love using Fohr’s platform because it allows me to send my stats and to show that I’ve grown organically.  When working with influencers, it honestly going back to the basics.  The simple, question and answer strategy.

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