How To Work With Influencers Pt. 2

Yay! Now you have a list of influencers you want to work with but what are the next steps?

Should I DM this person? Or send an email? What should I do?

Everyday, I get brands who will slide into my Direct Messages but because they are in my request box, sometimes I miss them.  Emails are the best way to go.

What should I say in the email?

Over communicate! Over communicate! Over communicate! BUT GET TO THE POINT!

My favorite types of emails from brands who answer these questions:


  1. Introduce yourself.  Create a small introduction that will allow me to have an understanding about your brand but keep it short.
  2. What are you offering me? Tell me how working together is going to benefit both parties.  Depending on the product and the influencers’ stats, keep compensation open for discussion.
  3. When? If you’re hosting an event, tell me when but also go a step forward by telling me what you are wanting out of me coming to the event. Also let me know your deadline.
  4. Which leads to the why? What is your end goal? Are you wanting me to write a blog post in return for being invited to an event? Do you just want an Instagram post? Are stories enough? Tell me ahead of time so that I can prepare!!!

When crafting a pitch to influencers, make it short and sweet.  Get to the point but make it clear what you want your end goal to be!

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