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How To Sell On Instagram

Hey gorgeous! These are strange times but still wanted to provide you some tips and tricks to help your business.

What I’ve Learned During This Time

As a small business owner myself, it has been a little slow here at Simple and Pretty Co. Of course I let fear take it’s course and I was going a million miles an hour but I finally found some clarity during this small little “break.”

I am trying to look at the positive but I have to admit, this isn’t new for me. Being an entrepreneur, I’ve always been in survival mode. But being in survival mode has also taught me to adapt and grow from a situation.

In my, How To Work From Home blog post, I talked about having a gratitude practice along with writing out my dreams as if they have already happened. I use Rachel Hollis’ Start Today Journal.

start today journal

I keep these things really private but I’ll tell you one dream I have been writing down for months now. To make 10 Million Dollars. After hearing small businesses suffering on Instagram and hearing your concerns, I kind of threw that goal out of the window. Yes, financial freedom is wonderful but just last year, I needed help from Andy to buy me tampons. During those tough times, I was able to find a clear path and find momentum.

Like I said, I took a day or two to have my freak out moment but I found some piece. Who knows what is going to happen with my small business but I know I will be okay.

I woke up on Wednesday and worked on my Start Today Journal and my heart shifted. I lost my drive to want to make 10 million dollars. Instead, it was replaced by a grateful heart and an evolved mission. I want to help those who are in need. Help small businesses lose their fear and help them find their confidence to tackle any problem they might come across.

Losing my dream to reach to the 10 million dollars mark helped me unblock my creativity blockage. I have been on this journey for a while and for those who are new, I’m always evolving.

instagram-free guide- how to sell

What Creativity Has Brought Me

I love the lack of distraction I have been given during this time. You all know I have been slowly making the shift to help other creatives and small businesses build their brand in the digital marketing space. But unfortunately, not everyone who follows me originally comes to my Instagram page to get business tips and I don’t want to leave them behind.

During the time of hustle and grind, I had to learn things how to run my business one strategy at a time but now I feel I have evolve to were I am able to do more. I’m leveling up…again.

Making a Shift

I had to make a shift because during this time, it’s not appropriate to keep marketing my courses when businesses are trying to figure out how to keep their doors open. I decided to take this time to create a series call Simple and Pretty Collective. This will be a collective of things I’ve learned over the year to help my fellow business owners and Influencers to help them grow their presence online. I was planning on offering an hour course at the end of the month but I decided to cancel it to create a condense version to help you get started selling your products or services on Instagram for free.

After reading the guide:

  • you should have a list of strategies
  • feel comfortable starting a conversation in DMs
  • provide value to your customers
  • creating brand awareness

Are you ready?

Head here to get this FREE GUIDE in your inbox today!


I hope this freebie give you a little clarity to help you start creating sales using Instagram. It’s a free app and a great tool to grow your brand.

Love you all!

xoxo Mandy Nicole

P.S. There are no affiliate links in this post. Wanted to provide you what has been helping me in my business journey.


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