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How To Make Money By Blogging- The Course

The tears. The all nighters. The worrying. All of this is worth it because I’m so passionate about Simple and Pretty Co. and helping others achieve their dreams.

Last week, I truly pushed myself to create something that will help those who have been supporting me during my first year on my own as a boss babe…hold the babe.

I created an online course to teach fellow bloggers how to make money from blogging.


Now this decision took so much time because of doubt and fear.

Let me give you a back story from where these feeling were coming from.

I am a teacher by trade and a really good one. I was able to take my struggling students from the classroom and help them gain confidence to see results in their test scores. I was relatable, understanding, and just truly took the time to help my students become well rounded little humans. Unfortunately, I was in a system that didn’t approve of this practice because it was all about competition and using children as pawns in a cruel game. I felt like I was punishing students because they were given exams that were not developmentally appropriate and forcing them to look at a computer screen because they didn’t have parents who had the time to sit down and read due to overworking to pay for food and rent. At that point, I wasn’t able to be a teacher but a robot who was just babysitting kids. Amazing kids!

When I first left the classroom, I knew I wanted to take my skills into my new profession but didn’t have the correct tools or funds to make this happen. I created a program and when I got my first students, she demanded a refund because it wasn’t what she was looking for.

Like I said before, I’m a teacher. I’ve seen gain with my classroom students because I focused on shifting mindsets and then providing the strategies to help them overcome any obstacles. I did not hand hold my students but instead, guided them to their end goals and cheered them on along the way!

My first course also failed because I was not clear on how it was going to help people, which lead to the upset customer. She was expecting that it was going to be easy and that she will see success overnight.

That is not the case at all. Challenges are the secrets to anyone’s success. Having a shift in mindset first, will allow you to see gains. Knowing the why before actually doing a task is going to one, make it less of a task, and two, provide you purpose which will turn into results.

I know this because I have seen this teaching practice show progress in my students’ data and their state exams.

You get it, I’m good a teaching but why did it take me so long to come out with another online course?


How many times have you’ve signed up for an overpriced course just to be left feeling even more lost from when you first started?

That was my biggest fear. Getting that email saying that my course was a big waste of time. Who wants to hear that?

When I would use an online course, I felt like it wasn’t personal enough and I’m proud to have real connections with my readers and followers. I was scared that with my online course, I would loose the personal touch that Simple and Pretty Co. has to offer.

Bottomline is that in such a short time, I am growing. With growth, I have find a way to provide a service that will help the needs of my followers and readers without getting burnt out.

I love having our conversations. I love hearing about your dreams. I can’t wait until you come back to me about everything you achieved in a short time. This is what brings me joy.

Recently, I have been feeling like I have been spreading myself thin by constantly teaching the same lesson over and over again. After looking at my data on what are my followers needs are, the online course just made sense to me. Although this is automated, it will allow me to help to truly help a large amount of people because they are able to take my course which will allow me to have the time to have more conversations, hearing about your dreams, and seeing the results after you take this course.

By offering the How To Make Money From Blogging course, I will have more time to truly guide you to your dreams. Having a place to teach you the basics will do the complete opposite of my fear which is provide you more of a tailoring service that will help you grow your own brand.

How do I know that this online course is right for me?

Well, do you actually have a blog?

When I say blog, a place where I can see your content through writing, videos, and/or photos? Is there a place that you call your “online home” that is just not Instagram or Facebook?

Do you want to make money? I sure hope so!

Understand that this course DOES NOT cover social media because I believe it’s important for you to have a strong understanding about shifting to a business mindset before overwhelming you with too much information which will most likely make you want to give up after the first section. No, no, no, this is a journey and in order to build your blog to where it needs to be, I need you to truly understand the why before we start taking actions.

What are we going to be covering?

Shifting your mindset, how to pitch to brands, and creating an effective strategy to help you make money from blogging.


Are you going to be covering more than this?

OF COURSE! I will be adding more courses after the first five students are completely done with the course. Like I said, I don’t want to overwhelm my students with too much information and by chunking the courses into digestible bites will give everyone a better chance in succeeding when making money from blogging.

Now, since I really want to make sure that I’m helping my community, I am only allowing 5 people sign up for this course. This will allow me to make sure that I’m targeting the needs of each individual student and when I get more proficient, I will be opening it up to more students during a period of time.

There is an investment when you are first starting out but I don’t want you to go into debt before you can get your blogging business on a roll. The course does cost $157 and you are given a FREE 30 minute coaching session with me. This first course will require you to think and work hard. When you understand these processes, I will be providing more courses that will be priced differently so that you may pick and choose which areas will help you get to the next level.

For example, I will be creating a course about creating an online presence and this course will be priced in the double digit range.

Are you ready to make this investment for yourself? Are you ready to start making money with your blog?

Click here to be the first five students and lets make your dreams happen today!


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  1. March 27, 2019 / 11:32 am

    I really love what you are doing. Is awesome seeing someone that want to help others growth on their platform. Thank you so much! I’m sure every single will achieve their goals taking this course.

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