How To Achieve the Perfect Manicure

I tried. I also failed. Every time, I try to create a “Pinterest worthy” design on my nails, I find myself wanting to throw the nail polish across the room.

What about going to the nail salon? I have such respect for those who work at the nail salon but no matter how careful I am, when I leave, I always smudge my polish.

Going on my IG stories, doing #unboxing would leave me feeling embarrassed because my nails were never done. The nail salon wasn’t an option for me because truth be told, I would go crazy sitting there without access to my phone or computer. I know… this is a millennial way of thinking but truthfully, majority of what I do does require me to be working on my phone at all times.

This is why I’m so happy that I was introduced to nail polish strips that would help me solve my insecurities.

How do you achieve the perfect manicure every time?

Yes, you saw that correctly. Only 5 steps for a perfect manicure.

Why I love these nail polish strips:

There’s no dry time! These are 100% nail polish that are partially dried and when you apply them to your nails, they will completely dry which will adhere to your nails without the mess. You truly cannot mess this up.

Three levels to awesomeness. With these nail polish strips, you will get a base coat, nail polish, and the top coat in one product. I will admit, I did use a top coat on my first few tries and is truly not needed (I’ve seen air bubbles…not good).

Cool designs. With these nail polish strips, you have so many choices and can pick which design speaks to your vibe.

The cost. When I go to the nail salon (once a year … LOL), I typically spend about $60-80! If I truly get my nails done every two weeks, that’s about $120-160 (not including tip) a month for my nails. With these nail polish strips, you are looking at $11-14 per package, which will last you for 10 days. SOLD!

My favorites:

Windy City
Ginza Sands
At the Plaza

Here’s the truth, it’s hard being a woman. Thank goodness for simple solutions like these nail polish strips to make life a little easier. Click here to grab your own nail polish strips and let me know in the comments which design is speaking to you!



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