House Warming Gift Ideas That Will Help Mother Earth

Welcome home to us! We are finally home and Andy and I couldn’t be more excited!

Okay, so it’s been a minute since I have been in college but I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I was moving, I just kept donating and selling everything.  I said to myself that we are owning a home and it’s time for items that are more adult-ish… no more of the mix-match stuff.

So either you are moving into a new place or have been calling your current place home for a while, here are some items I think will make any home more homey plus will help save the planet!

If you’re like me, want to help Mother Earth as much as you can! And if you’re EXACTLY like me, you love some bubbles in your water! Andy and I do a pretty decent job recycling our cans but there are moments when you forget or don’t have the motivation! Plus the expenses to pay for bubbly water every week can get costly. SodaStream is on your side!

One SodaStream bottle can help the average family reduce more than 3,700 bottles and cans from our planet.  That’s so cool to me! SodaStream sent me the Fizzi Cordless Sparkling Water Maker.  It comes with the sparkling waters maker, 1L bottle, x2 carbonating cylinder and a 2 year warranty.  Plus it’s FREE SHIPPING!

Every household needs one because it’s also a life saver because now you don’t have to waste gas to pick up your favorite sparkling water.  I can create my new favorite drink in my new home!

And if I wanted to take the bubbles to go, I can use my new Tervis!

(Which every person who attends the #SipandMingle conference will be going one with one)

Next, everyone needs a good night sleep in their new or current home!

One Fresh Pillow will help you sleep in peace.  Their patent-pending pillow is constructed with a different fill on both sides — fluffy on one side and supportive on the other. It’s one size fits you, no matter how you sleep or which side you sleep on.

Plus they have created a subscription model to help you not have to worry about getting those zzzzzs.

[From One Fresh Pillow’s Site]  We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, meaning a lot of time is spent laying on a pillow that is old and not so fresh. Over time, pillows can harbor sweat, mold, dead skin cells, mildew, and dust mites. Some pillows can be washed, but water, detergents, and dryer heat can compromise the materials and fill. There’s just no guarantee you’ll get a truly clean, germ-free pillow or that it will return to its original shape. And we never recommend washing memory foam pillows. They don’t dry out fast enough to avoid moisture issues. Pillows should be replaced regularly.

How you can manage your subscription:

One Fresh Pillow is also environmentally friendly too!

Every time you get a fresh pillow, you’ll get a shipping label to mail your old pillow to our partner recycling facility. Just use the box we send you. Returned pillows will also be recycled. Both fills recycle separately and may be repurposed into products like carpet padding or trunk liners.

Creating a cozy home is such a fun and exciting time but can get a little overwhelming.  We want to fill our home with products that will bring us joy and I’m excited to use both the SodaStream to hydrate me and lay my head down on One Fresh Pillows because I know it will bring me comfort.  Part of growing up is taking care of yourself and being conscious of Mother Earth (in my opinion).  What do you want to fill your home with next?



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