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3 High Level Women Thinkers Who I Look Up To

Today is International Women’s Day and for us lady bugs, we have something to be extremely proud of! In the content creating world, we are the leading force in the industry and truly making a shift this the marketing world.  Plus we get shit done.

Now, from past experiences, I have gotten heat for creating these lists and I ask of you to not take offense if you’re not on this list of 3 High Level Women Thinkers.  There are so many beautiful boss babes (hold the babes).  The three are the ladies who have helped me bring my business to the next level and truly have taken the time to mentor me as I am in the beginning stage of my business.

At first, I was going to create a list and speak on these ladies attributes individually, but when I started, I realized that all three have too many in common and the best way to go about this is to write about them as a collective group.

But first, a little back story.

I have never felt like I would belonged to any group.  I have stated before, due to growing up as an Asian-American, I’ve never found a connection with my peers or with my family.  It felt like I was constantly drunk and stumbling my way through the world, which ultimately made me feel lost and dizzy.

The problem is that I have a lot going on in my brain.  Due to my depression and anxiety, I am lucky enough to be connected with my feelings.  Have you’ve ever felt like you were sad but couldn’t understand why? For me, I understand the why and where every emotion comes from.  That’s a lot for one brain to sometimes handle.  But it’s the source of my creativity.

Girl boss - boss lady - community - bloggers

We know that I have my crying spell.  I am extremely harsh on myself and always trying to beat ME.  Although I am very confident when it comes to being in my own skin and for the character that I have developed over the years, it’s a lot for other to take in.  Being a bystander to a person who cries because she succeeded a goal and then still cries because it’s not good enough can take a toll on those who surrounds me.

It’s because I’m a high level thinker and it takes a special person to understand the complexity that goes on in my brain.

Since meeting these three ladies, not only has my business has stepped up, but also in my personal life.  These are not just co-workers but like minded human beings who just get it me.  For once, I feel like I am part of a tribe to who just understands the day to day hustle.

Heather of Local Mom Scoop 

Tara of Tara Met Blog 

Hannah of Eat, Drink, and Save Money 

Now each gorgeous person has shown me the correct path to take my business to the next level.  They did it because they truly believe in me.  They are confidence boss babes (hold the babes) and each have a specific gift that they showcase to their audience.  I love how similar they are and how their approaches are so different.  This group is truly the perfect example of Community Over Competition.

In my opinion, with this group of strong women, everyday is International Women’s Day!

Who do you look up to? Celebrate them in the comments below.


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  1. March 8, 2019 / 10:07 pm

    You’re too generous. Through your friendship, you’ve helped this babe be a boss 😉

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