Growing Pains

I take pride about being very honest about my day to day life with my business.  When growing a brand, there are many ups and downs but lately, I’ve seen major growing pains with Simple and Pretty Co but I’m not complaining.

In February, I had to make a decision to leave my teaching career or continue working 80 hours a week.  My initial plan was to continue teaching and blogging because I only worked 8 months out of the year and I thought I could have it all.  That was not the case.  My brain would be distracted through out the day because there were emails I couldn’t get to and everything in this industry is time sensitive.

Fast forward today, did I make the right decision? Absolutely.

When I was teaching, I made a lot of mistakes because my brain was all over the place. Since I was working 80 hours a week, I would let small details fall through the crack and would not be able to meet deadlines on time.  It was extremely stressful and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to have it all like I planed.


In the beginning of this journey, I was scared to use the strategies that I was using while I was a teacher because it didn’t seem to be working.  Last week, I decided to reevaluate how I was going to grow my brand and create content for other brands.

As much as I want to tell you about my upcoming campaigns, I will have to keep it to myself and share as I meet deadlines.

The point I want to make is that strategies should not be thrown away just because it doesn’t work in one situation.  Good ideas might not always work for certain circumstances but trying it in different situation might be the golden ticket to your success.

Although I can’t disclose the upcoming campaigns, I can’t give you a recap of what’s going on in the Simple and Pretty Co. world!

We SOLD OUT for the #SIPANDMINGLE Tampa Edition!  We are in full gear in providing other influencers and bloggers an amazing experience in the Tampa Bay area.

Our first Mini Edition is in full swing and we are featuring Forever Fiore in Ft. Myers.  Tickets are on sale now and you will be able to make a mini bouquet to reenergize your space and focus on self care.

This weekend, Andy and I are enjoying a #staycation at Fairfield Inn of Ft. Myers! We are going to head to different breweries and Oktoberfest.  I’ll share in full details about our stay but if you have been following my stories and want to book a stay, you can be able to use my code to get a fantastic price!



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