The Gratitude Letter

I started out wanting to complain about my job and how stressful it is.  Once my fingers hit the key board, I just realized that it would have been waisted space on my blog and no one wants to hear it.

The one thing that I will have to say is, no matter if you are a small business or running a massive cooperation, this shit is hard.  I’m not telling you this because I want to scare you off but I think Instagram makes my job look extremely easy and lately I have been in an awkward stage.

I’m data driven, which means that I make my decisions based off of MY trends.  I am constantly looking a numbers and determining how I can improve for the next thing.  Although this job has brought me so much joy, it has also created some struggles that I can’t seem to control.

The truth is that I have people who think it’s okay to say negative comments about my character and tell others their opinions.  Everyone has the right to have an opinion but spreading rumors and being hateful isn’t acceptable.  I haven’t done anything personal to these people… I just keep grinding and doing my own thing.

Looking back into the past, I have always been the one who ran projects when I was in school.  I was over achiever that no one liked because they thought I was showing off.  Maybe when I was a teenager, I was trying to show off but as I have grown into an adult and I do it for me because it’s MY standards.  Creating has always been my passion since I was a little girl.  You would find Mandy made “magazines” lying around the house, homemade dresses (started sewing at the age of five), and me choreographing a whole dance involving my little cousins.

No I didn’t have a “tiger mom,”  I was just being “me.” I’m proud of little Mandy.  She had to undergo teasing and people laughing at her because she thought differently.  It’s still the same as an adult but I get to provide for myself using my gifts.

My approach of handling these issues I am facing isn’t traditional.  All I hear is that people are being told that I do things on a higher level and want to put a negative twist on it.  Personally, if I heard someone is kicking ass at something, I would want to surround myself around them.

The point being is that, I am a problem solver.  I am a person who wants to shift things in the industry and with that will come with bad mouthing.  That’s why #SipandMingle was created.  The model is based off of my friendship with Tara of Tara Met Blog.  We are completely different on our approach on content creating but we are extremely like minded.  Being great at something can be lonely but since meeting her, the journey has been so much better!  If you are reading this and have felt this, I want you to know that you’re not alone.  You are great because the universe gave you something special because you have a story to tell and hopefully it will help to change the world.

I am no different on my IG stories, my feed and here on my blog.  Across the board, I am Mandy of Simple and Pretty Co.  I do things to help other boss babes (hold the babe) because we are different from the rest of the world.  When we approach things differently,  sometimes the price is that everyone else doesn’t understand us.  That’s not an easy journey to be on.  With #SipandMingle, I am truly trying to help like-minded bosses to connect.  I have created a tribe that can lean on each other for during the times of hurt and happiness.  Good content will never happen if we don’t learn to trust and collaborate with each other.

Everything I do with Simple and Pretty Co. always had you in mind because you have supported me during this exciting time of my life.  The stories are going to get better and I truly have a smile on my face because of all of the messages I get to read and talks I’ve had with strangers who are now some of my best friends.  When I pitch or collaborate with brands, I always have you in mind.

I’m not perfect and would never want you to think otherwise.  I am a human being with emotions and I do feel my feels.  What I don’t do is let them keep me down.  Since those who are hateful towards me may or may not read this, I just want to let you know that these negative vibes will only make me stronger.  The pain and suffering is what has created the Mandy you see today.  I have a story that many people will not be able to comprehend and mean words are just a sliver compare to what my life has thrown at me.

When you almost experienced death twice, had someone abandoned you, moved around all over the country, seeing your bad ass mother rise from nothing to the top, your words are just words.  I don’t explain my whole story because it’s for those who truly need it.  I don’t believe in glorifying my struggles for the sake of having others feel bad for me.  I have these stories for those who I have truly built relationships with and I have to say, it’s the majority of my followers and how blessed am I to be able to say that! You all have helped shaped me to be this person I am right now and I am only going to continue to develop.  I want you to understand that your love means so much to me and I TRULY DO LOVE YOU! This is why I can’t complain about the people who are mean to me.  It’s because what keeps me going in your support, my past and the lessons I get to learn everyday.  You are wonderful and please don’t forget that.



  1. February 20, 2019 / 9:45 am

    You are an inspiration. Thank you so much for taking time to write this. Have a beautiful day. Bisous

  2. Dana
    February 20, 2019 / 12:32 pm

    I love reading your posts. You’re so positive and IMO that’s what we all need more of in our lives, positivity. Social media and other news outlets can be so negative, judgemental, fake and filled with rumors. We all should take your positivity to unite us. xo!!

  3. Angela Nicole
    February 21, 2019 / 11:03 pm

    More people should celebrate other’s success knowing that it doesn’t take away from their own. Women empowerment is so important, and I love how you are such a great role model for this.

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