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Have you ever had a day where you don’t want to wear makeup and tell the world to get over it? That is pretty much me every single day but that’s why I love doing things like injectable to make my everyday beauty regimen a little easier.

Last week, I headed to Dr. Frantz Cosmetic Center, to get lip fillers to make myself feel better.  It was about two years ago when I got them done and fell in love.

So many people messaged me on Instagram and was asking why I would get my lips done when I already had full lips.

When you get older, you loose collagen which will results in thinner lips.

It’s weird to think but I’m turning thirty and my skin is aging.  It feels completely different from when I was in my mid-twenties and I feel like I need to start focusing on preventive solution so that I can age gracefully.

Plus, a girl just wants to feel good about herself and I WANTED IT.

Although I LOVED the results when I first got them done, I was more concern about the turn around time to heal with this time around.


With so many options out there and all claiming different things, it’s hard to pick the right doctor who will truly have you in mind since they see so many patients through out the day.  When I met Dr. Ehrlich, I knew it was a match made in cosmetic heaven.  The first thing he told me was that he does not want me to make a drastic change and if I wanted to go bigger, he would feel more comfortable to gradually increasing the size of my lips.  But once he handed me the mirror, I thought his work was perfect and it brought me to tears.  No….truly brought me to tears which actually scared him at first because he thought I hated them.


If you are heading out to get your lippies done, here are some tips to help you during the healing process.

  • Coffee
  • Popsicles

Seriously!!! There are properties in coffee that will help you heal and popsicles will help reduce swelling! Plus, it’s a great excuse to treat yourself with something sweet.


Like I stated before, I first got my lips done two years ago and every time, I looked like I was getting punched in the face and people would be extremely concern.  Thank goodness no cops were called but with your occupation requiring you to be in front of the camera constantly, I was concern with the recovering time.


Dr.  Ehrlich is a genius and not only did he bring me joy with my new beautiful lips, but his technique left no bruising.

“Using a cannula not a needle helps to eliminate bruising. I’m told that a lot of people don’t numb their lips before they get their lips done and that can be a bit abrasive and cause bruising. I numb the inside of the lips and then does a dental block. So instead of making multiple needle sticks that break more blood vessels, the cannula helps me to thread it through the lips.” – Dr. Ehrlich

There you have it. The reason why I didn’t bruise and able to show you his beautiful work after three days after getting them done.  A MIRCLE. ACTUALLY SCIENCE.

Did the process hurt?

The only part of the process that hurt was the dental block.  He did place a needle in multiple areas in my mouth, which did create a pitched feeling. Dr. Ehrlich’s assistant was wonderful and held my hand during that process.  That is the only hard part during the whole process.

When altering a body part, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of enhancing yourself that sometimes the small details can slip through the cracks.  It’s really important to know who is working on you and who has you and their work in their best interest. Dr. Ehrlich is by far holds up to these expectations and those who are local to Florida, should consider coming to SWFL for a staycation so that you can have the best doctor to provide you the best results.

This service  was provided by Frantz Cosmetic Center and all 

thoughts and opinions are my own.

Q + A =

What did he use? Juvederm Ultra XC

How long does it last? Generally the Juvederm Ultra (1 syringe) lasts about 4-6 months and the Ultra Plus (a little thicker) about 6-9 months. However, we are all individuals and I have seen patients occasionally where it only lasts 3 and others where it might last a year – but these individuals are the exception, not the rule. (Skin Tour)

How much does it cost? Call 239.418.0999 or head to


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  1. Ran_is_ha
    January 31, 2019 / 3:08 pm

    Love reading this. We want to enhance our features from time to time. Nothing wrong with that. Preventive care is quite beneficial. Good to know it left little bruising.

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