These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things, And Then I Don’t Feel, So Bad

In the beginning of the holiday season, I told you that I was overwhelmed with creating gift guides because I’m not a big shopper myself.  Plus, if I don’t have the product in my hand, it’s hard for me to say if the product would be a good fit or not.

With all of the holiday parties during the month of December, it was really hard to not go on a mini shopping spree.  Now that the holidays are coming to an end, here are some of the products that helped me survive the busy season and help you get through 2019 with ease.

Unfortunately, this beauty is not in the color white anymore but it is still available in the color black from Nordstrom.  Lucky, black is an all year round color and is a MUST HAVE in your closet.  It’s perfect paired with a blazer for work or a cute cocktail dress for a night out with the girls! Head to Nordy and add this beauty to your cart today.

I’ve been on the look out for this Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress and making sure that it’s still in stock.  This dress has been my go-to and I love the fact that there are so many color options.  This dress was perfect for a Sunday Funday because it was comfortable and will make any body  type feel sexy.  The price for this nugget is $56 and with 7 color options, you will be set for the whole year!

Lastly, I have been getting a lot of questions about my lippies and which colors I use.  I LOVE mixing my colors but this holiday season … and any season for that matter, I have been using TOO FACED MELTED MATTE LIQUIFIED LONG WEAR LIPSTICKS.  The color you see here is a mix of Why Not and Cool Girl.  Not only are they long lasting on the lips, but will last you for months.  I’ve had my Too Faced Matte Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks since April.  You just have to apply once and you are good for the whole night!

Now let’s be honest, you didn’t get everything on your list and I’m sure there is going to be some serious returning going on in your near future or gift card spending in the next week.  I hope this little list helps you a bit in picking some of your new favorite things that will help any Boss Babe… Hold the Babe get through 2019.

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