3 Reasons To Join A Brand Ambassador Program

It’s Monday and it is time to hit refresh.  When I first started out with my teaching career five years ago, I remembered my terrible boss saying, “Are you a Monday teacher or are you a Friday teacher?”  That was the only thing that I took away from working FOR her. But she was right.  Are you a Monday worker or a Friday worker? It truly makes a difference. Why?

Mondays are when people’s mindset are in work mode and we are back in the hustle.  This allows to me have great conversations with others and maybe create something that is jaw dropping. That’s why I love Mondays.

I’m loving this week’s Monday in particular.  Remember how I said that I had a terrible boss in the beginning?  Although my journey is hard, knowing that I work for myself is a glorious feeling and no one can take that away from me.  If you ever feel like you are going around in a circle with your work life, maybe it’s time for a change.  I’m not saying to quit your job tomorrow but maybe it’s time start creating steps to move towards your bigger dream.

Creating a brand ambassador program was a very important to me when it came to my soft launching for my workbook.   I wanted to create a strong brand ambassador program because with anything I create, there needs to be the practice or experience element to anything I teach.  The brand ambassador programs allows #girlboss babes to have a gentle introduction to the affiliate marketing world without getting too overwhelmed.

Joining this brand ambassador program for the Content Creating Start Kit workbook will give you hands on experience how to create a passive income.  In the beginning, there are some challenges you will have to overcome but understanding the system will help you learn how to navigate and create a brand that involves affiliate marketing.

Lastly, being in a good brand ambassador program will also allow you to see what are the best practices for future collaborations.  Sometimes, in business, there are people who just want to take you for granted but by joining this program, it will allow you to set the standard for yourself so that you are never taken advantage of.  My biggest pet peeve is being used and watching other people being brought down because of lack of knowledge on a subject.  It needs to stop and that is why this program is formed.

Simple and Pretty Co. is looking for 5 more ladies who will believe in the program and the products that we create for future content creators.  If you are interested, please email mandy@simpleandprettyco.com to get started today!

Brand Ambassador Program Can Help You Quit Your Job - 3 Reasons Why Joining A Brand Ambassador Program Can Help You Quit Your 9-5 Job - How To Quit Your Desk Job - Work From Home


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