Core Values

Simple and Pretty Co. has been around for a solid two years but it’s only been about 7 months since taking on the task to build the brand full time.

The 7 months have been both challenging and rewarding with a result of many emotions along the way.  I feel like my writing confidence has improved, I’ve been able to travel around Florida rallying Boss Babes… Hold the Babe together, made new long time friends, and have been hurt by people who do not share the same core values.

When growing a brand, you will be tested on your core values when you react to others’ behavior.  A year ago, I would have been wallowing in my bedroom thinking the world is against me but my mindset has shifted due to the challenging 7 months.

My bottomline is that I don’t like mean people and at one point, I was tested to see if I would fall into the trap.  For a moment, I did.  I had to reevaluate my core values to see if this is the way I wanted to continue to run my brand.  Do I truly want to run with a group that would hurt me just be part of the “cool crowd?”

So here’s the deal! I decided to write down my core values so that I can always look back to see if my actions align with my beliefs.

Number four says that I will share my struggles and achievements of owning my own business.  This particular post is very hard because there can be a possibility that negative comments will come out of this but I’ve always been honest with both the good times and the hard times.

For those who understand Simple and Pretty Co. big picture, I just want to let you know that I will always do my best to be here for you.  If I am ever distance, it’s because I need to take some time for myself to reenergize so that I am able to be present in our conversations.

Now, I always believe that these blog posts should be in digestible bites.  Stay tune for tomorrow’s post because I think you will love how I am structuring Simple and Pretty Co. because it will truly benefit YOU!

In the meantime, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family and that joy filled your heart.  New Years is around the corner and I challenge you to shift your process of tackling the new year.  We have been conditioned to think, “NEW YEAR,NEW YOU.” Maybe instead think, “NEW YEAR, IMPROVED YOU?” Because in my eyes, I think you’re pretty great and there’s nothing wrong with growing and strengthening your practice.

One way you can start improving you is by considering putting the #SipandMingle Branding Conference and Market on your bucket list for the new year! We are still in the pre-sale phase and you will get amazing workshops for only $75! Plus, the extra bonus is that you will learn from these Boss Babes…Hold the Babes who are using these strategies to currently build their own brand.

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