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Don’t you love that title? Te he!

Yesterday, I shared on my story that I am offering a service to help bloggers get started with their blog.  Of course, there’s always a reason for why I offer something, so here’s the break down.

The past:

When I first started, I was obsessed with other people’s blog and I just couldn’t figure out how to make mine perfect.  The reason why it wasn’t perfect was because I didn’t have the same content as the examples of other’s blog.  Totally bummed me out.  Then I would keep buying different themes and the I ended up waisting a lot of money because I was chasing an idea that wasn’t mine.

Still in the past but a little closer to present time:

I was working with a client who was had a terrible webbie, it broke my heart that she waisted so much money and was being scammed.  $300 a month to host her crappy website! WHAT! Nah, not cool bro!

I told her that what she was paying was ridiculous and if I ever encounter this person, I might get loud.  That’s the issue.  The people who understand this space might take advantage of those who just don’t know because their full focus is on their brand.

Why should I start a blog?

A blog is perfect for anyone who owns their own business or who are creating content.  The reason for this is because it’s a time saver and it’s your space.

I love my blog! She is my baby and the reason for this is because I can store stories from my past and it allows people to get to know my brand without spending hours explaining myself every time I meet someone new.  It’s not that I don’t want to talk about myself for hours … trust me … sometimes I feel like I have to stop myself but for those who are just started to follow my Instagram, it’s a great place for them to be directed to truly understand Simple and Pretty Co.

On Instagram, I take pride to try to get to know my followers.  I love the fact that I have a blog because if I see someone’s story that is asking for help and I can  send them the link to a past article, and hopefully help them decide if the topic is worth taking the next steps.

Once I created a blog about skincare that won’t break the bank and a follower shared a story to help them find products.  I just sent over that link with my explanations and it saved me time because I didn’t have to explain the products but instead take the time to answer all of her questions.

I love those moments.

Another reason to consider a blog is because this is truly a place where you can call yours.  When I am on my blog, I truly feel like this is my little space on the internet that is not own by someone else.  Every piece on my blog was curated or created by me.  I just love that I have something that is not only aligns with my brand but visually showcases my vision.  When a person comes to my blog, I want them to feel girly and a badass at the same time.  My goal is to help boss babes… hold the babes know that they can kickass in life and hopefully help them build their brand.

What ever your story is, a blog will allow you to tell the whole story.  With so many things going on with other social platforms, your story might get lost along the way.  By having a blog, it will allow your readers/followers have a place without distractions.

How to create a kickass blog, pretty, simple

How can Simple and Pretty Co. help you start your journey?

I’ve been able to help other bloggers start their blogs by directing them to three places and get them on their way to live their dreams.  Simple and Pretty Co. has started a Blogger’s Starter Package that only charges you for the actual products you will need to start a beautiful blog and of course a very small fee for my guidance.

How is this difference from just doing it on your own?

There’s soooooooo many ways to start your blog these days and it can get overwhelming.  I did the math and you are only looking at about $10 more but with Simple and Pretty Co. you are provided guidance.  I don’t want you to go down the same rabbit whole like I did and don’t want you to waste anymore of your time when you can be creating content.

But if you know you can do it on your own, here’s are three steps to take:

  1. Purchase a hosting site.  This will allow you to create the blog that YOU want.  I use SiteGround to store my content! The steps are super easy.  Just follow the prompts.  If you get stuck, message me! Click here to get started.
  2. Domain name.  Come up with a catchy name that will describe your brand.  I use Google domain because it’s only $12 and they will protect for information.  That is HUGE!
  3. Pick and theme.  I love the themes from Etsy.

Who’re ready to create something beautiful? If you are ready to move to the next step, send me an email or message me on Instagram.  But if you’re doing it on your own, don’t hesitate to ask any questions! I’m always here for you and I can’t wait to watch you achieve your goals.

*Disclosure: By using the affiliate links, you are supporting Simple and Pretty Co. which will help create more content in the future.*


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