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Are Tory Burch Really Worth It?

Not gonna lie, when I saw the price tag for the Tory Burch Miller Sandal, I said…say what now? You are wanting me to spend how much on sandals? This isn’t real right?

Of course, I caved and now that a year has passed, I wanted to jump on here and give you my honest review.

Yeah…totally worth it. As a Florida girl, I found myself buying sandals and by week 3, they would fall apart. I’m telling you, I got the “best of the best” but something about the Tory, really made feel stylish but also really comfortable. I ended up throwing my money away spending it on cheap sandals that I ended up tossing.

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Here’s why you should put a pair of Tory on wishlist:

It’s an investment: You are looking at spending $198 before tax on these beauties but like I stated before, you will find yourself buying more sandals and tossing them because they won’t last or not on “trend.” The Miller Sandals are classic and will go with any outfit. I truly can say that I have worn mine at least once everyday, for the past year. If you think about it, that ends up being .56 cents a day. For my northern girls, that just means you’re going to have these to rely on even longer!

They are actually a good support system: Yes…retail therapy is always a good support system but in this case, I’m talking about for your body. Recently, I have decided that I needed to invest in myself by focusing on my wellness. I started to go see a chiropractor who takes a different approach towards the “traditional” practice. (Stay tuned for why I decided to drive 45 minutes to see a chiropractor but until then, check out why Align Spinal Health and Wellness is worth the drive.) Since changing career, I wasn’t on my feet as much and slumping over my laptop which made me really lean forward and I felt stuck. Since going to Align Spinal Health and Wellness, I have been able to stand up straight. Not only has my outward appearance has improve drastically but also my inner self. At my first appointment with Dr. Brian Huffman, I honestly could not breathe. For the past year, I took really short breathes and made me feel like I was running a marathon but the only movement I was making was double tapping on a photo on Instagram. During my first appointment, I asked Dr. Brian Huffman if I should replace my Torys. Luckily, he said no! He likes them because there isn’t a lot of padding to the soles and when healing, you want to find shoes that are flat. Totally the opposite of what I have been told in the past.

After two visits, you can see the difference. Making sure that I have the correct show wear to support my wellness investment is very important.

Classic: Um hello! They go with everything! I got the Tory Burch Miller Sandal in Light Makeup. I am such a fan of nude color shoes because they go with every outfit. Who wouldn’t want that?

Helpful tips: When it comes to the color nude, although the top on the sandals never gets dirty, the rest of the sandals will. Not a big problem but could cause you to feel uncomfortable when you take them off at a friend’s house. Looking back, I would have invested in both a darker and a lighter color because these sandals do stand up to rainy weather, the sand, and will last forever.

Next month will mark the full year of me making my first investment on my Tory Burch Millar Sandal and I’m excited to announce that I will be making another purchase very soon. The Millar Sandal has so many color options and my question is, which one speaks to you?

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