Algorithms Are Not All That Bad

You are constantly complaining about it.  Other people are constantly complaining about it. Algorithms are hard to keep up with and they suck.

What if I told you that algorithms are not all that bad? No! Really!

The best place to start is to understand what algorithms are.  Some think that the word algorithm is a new term but it actually dates way back in time and you have been working with algorithms since grade school.  In math class, you might remember using theories to solve a problem.  Even baking a cake is an algorithm.

The concept of algorithm usually has three parts.

  1. Steps for you to follow
  2. See results
  3. See similar results each time

Simple. Right? If it is so simple, then why are we always getting upset?

Two years ago, I started my Instagram with only 600 personal followers and then grew my page organically to 10K in 8 months.  It was a great accomplishment but I know it’s not realistic for some people.  During the 8 months, I lost sleep, my eyes were glue to my phone and honestly, I didn’t look up.  I sacrificed a lot of time to accomplish this goal but that’s all that was lost time.  I gained so much more because with the help of my own algorithm, I’m living my best life.  My side hustle because my full time hustle.

What do I mean by creating my own algorithm? Like I stated before, an algorithm needs three elements.  Creating your own algorithm will allow you to “beat” Instagram which can result in higher engagement and maybe make you some money.

Let’s look at Instagram’s goal.  It’s a social media platform.  The platform wants us to connect with others through photos.  When forming my own algorithm, I decided that I was not going to fight against Instagram but find one goal to focus on that aligns with the platform.  My goal: create relationships.  

With this in mind, I started to backward plan on how I was going to accomplish this goal.  I started to work towards these steps and that allowed me to gain followers and obtain consistent results.

The algorithm concept is basically the same as being consistent.  Creating your own algorithm that you can stick with can help you see results.

What are your next steps in creating your own algorithm?

I create a workbook for those who are looking to get into the content creating world.  There are step by step tips for you to create your own algorithm which hopefully will help you create results.  The workbook is an accountability piece to help you stay consistent.  Everything good comes with time but the Starter Kit will allow you to visually see your dreams and help you tackle them one moment at a time.


How to beat the Instagram algorithm - Beat Instagram - Create your own algorithm


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