Today’s Accomplishments, Tomorrow’s Results

Be On Brand. Building a personal brand, an empire, or just living your dreams requires you to be on brand 24 hours a day.

What does it mean to be on brand? When you’re on brand, it requires you to tell your story anytime time and any day.  As you might imagine, it can get exhausting especially if you are not seeing results right away.

I want to provide you a break down of how my accomplishments today has created results for tomorrow.

When you are building your brand from the grown up, it’s important to understand that growing is a process.

Two months ago, I decided to really give some love to my blog because I finally understood the value of my writing which can help me create a great relationship with future brands I would like to work with and have a library of my work all in one place.

I first tried to create a post any time that I got inspired and create a steady authentic reader count.  My end goal was to work on my SEO so that my website would be top of the page on Google when someone wrote Simple and Pretty

At first, I was getting extremely frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t seeing results and honestly, did not feel inspired to write as much.  Two months ago, when you searched in Simple and Pretty, the site was on the second page.  Now, I have landed the fifth spot!

It’s super important to know that your efforts today won’t show results right away.  Building your brand is a waiting game and it’s about learning how to have fun during those long waiting periods.

That’s why Tara and I are hosting our first #SipandMingle Branding Conference and Market.  We understand the struggles of being a boss babe … hold the boss. Our goal is to help you provide you tools for your toolkit so that you can continue living your dreams.

This conference is very important to me because this new age of “influence” has such a different approach and there’s no rule book to explain what are best practices.  Brands are finding themselves making mistakes and getting burned through out the process.

For example, I was chatting with a brand about their past with working in bloggers and influencers.  It was interesting to find out that they did not want to listen to my pitch because from what I gathered, collaborating did not work for them in the past.

Although Instagram is a great marketing tool, it should not be the only thing an influencer uses to promote their brand.  Perhaps if I started out with an email, things might have gone differently.  But by linking their website onto this blog post, it will help them with their SEO.  In the long run, that will help their online presence and hopefully help them understand that I’m not here for a freebie.  It takes time to create content for brands.

This is why we creating this conference.  We don’t want brands to get burned anymore and we don’t want the words influencers and bloggers to become tainted.

Make sure to check out the early bird special to our #SipandMingle Branding Conference and Market.  We can’t wait to share with you all of our tips and tricks to help you achieve your dreams!


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