Hello there! My name is Mandy Nicole and I’m the Founder of Simple and Pretty Co. At first, S&P Co.  started as a jewelry brand where I grew my Instagram page from 600 followers to 10K in eight months! I’m super proud of this accomplishment but when life hit, I decided to leave Instagram for 3 months.  My goal was to sell my page but I noticed that I had the best followers and only lost about 1,000 followers during the 3 months.  I realized this happened was because I has built the most amazing relationships and decided to come back as a person blogger.  Now, my goal is to help other Boss Babes…Hold the Babes to achieve their dreams! Below you will find the list of services Simple and Pretty Co. offers.  My goal is to help you tell you your stories by utilizing social media and creating content. If you are interested in any of the services to help tell your story over the digital space, please be sure to contact Mandy Nicole by clicking here.  Cheers!


Since the first moment I met Mandy her drive and passion impressed me. She knows what she wants and she goes after it 110%. She has encouraged me to the point that I really and truly believe in myself and the possibility of becoming successful in the social media field. When others have said I couldn’t, she told me I could! When I didn’t know what my next step should be in growing my brand she gave me options, paths that I could take at my own speed. She helped me maneuver a media kit which absolutely terrified me but she made it so simple for me(no pun intended)!  At the Sip and Mingle events she has hosted I have met many amazing women and men who have similar goals. I’ve made friends and even business connections through these events. I hope to attend more in the future! – Piper Arielle