Picking Out The Perfect Place For A #Staycation

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean that #staycations are out of style.  Andy and I are constantly traveling but we haven’t been able to travel together since last year and our plans is to do an overseas trip wont happen until next summer.  The thing is with our adventurous personalities, we are not patient enough to wait for another 8 months.  That’s why, #staycations and living like locals are so perfect for us and our schedules.

Finding a destination for our #staycation was not hard because moving to Southwest Florida opened so many opportunities to explore.  We decided to check out Ft. Myers.

Driving into the parking lot of the Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers, I was pleasant surprise because the location itself was pretty centralized which made it easy to navigate the unfamiliar city.  If you wanted to go shopping, Bell Tower Shops was down the street.  Plus it was only ten minutes away from Downtown Ft. Myers which lead to my new favorite local brewery; Millennial Brewing (more to come about this place.)

If location is the key for when you’re in Ft. Myers, Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers is your place.

Now, the hotel itself.  When we walked into the hotel lobby, not only were we greeted with a clean and colorful atmosphere but also with smiles and warmth from the staff.  We were granted our room keys which gave us access to a beautiful suite.

Our room was perfect!

As a content creator, I never “clock out” from my job.  At the Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers, our room had a balance of a relaxation and a work vibe.  The king size bed was extremely comfortable while on the other side of the room had a workspace desk that allowed me to stay focus to get my work done.

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What you get!

Okay, so you get a great location and a spectacular room.  What else do you want?

Food! Duh! When you stay at Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers, you also get a complimentary breakfast that is included in your stay price.  This is pretty standard with most hotels but at Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers goes above and beyond.  They had vegetarian options! As a vegetarian, little things like this makes my experience go up to the next level.

I would highly suggest the Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers for both corporate and family stays when you’re visiting Southwest Florida.  Plus, with a special discount for Simple and Pretty Co. readers, Fairfield Inn Ft. Myers will make any vacation planning easier.  Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: I did not receive money but a complementary stay for your honest opinion.


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