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3 Tips To Help You Save Money and Time

Saving money is not an easy task. No matter if you own a business, have a 9-5 job, or running a family. It’s just part of life.

In the beginning of starting my business, it wasn’t the easiest journey. Nothing you are first starting is ever easy so I’ve complied a list to help anyone no matter if their in business or not to find ways to save money.


This one, I completely stole from my friend because our goal as a family is to travel more this year and that means having a saving mindset. My grandmother bought me a piggy bank for my 30th birthday and I thought it was a joke but ended up being a really practical tool. I guess jokes on me because she knew exactly what I needed to succeed in life.

Every week, I take out at least $40 out of my bank account and any extra cash, I just place it in my piggy bank. I started doing this in the beginning of January and I was able to save over $300. Any extra money I might have during the month, I also withdrawal it from my account and place it in my piggy bank.

I know those who are in the financial world will look at this and shake your head but if I have any way to make it electronic to go back into my bank account, it will be spent. Hopefully this will evolve to where I can keep it safe at my bank.


When I first started my business, I would just spend my money foolishly because I was trying to figure out how to make my website work well, make things easier for myself, and just trying to learn everything. This lead to subscriptions. In the tech world, majority of the subscriptions are once a year but that leads us to forget about it.

I’ve had server companies take out my money because I forgot to cancel and wouldn’t give my money back…which is extremely dirty. But I am an adult but better believe I will never suggest these people to anyone.

Or even clothes subscriptions. I have one for workout clothes and although I always skip the month, sometimes I forget!

I would suggest you taking a moment and look at your auto payments from your bank account and PayPal. You can actually unsubscribe when you go to your settings to click my accounts. You will see an area where you can click on your bank card and there you will see the subscriptions.

I did this yesterday because I was charge for a plugin for my website and I haven’t used it the whole year! They were awesome about giving me my refund and although it didn’t work for me, I will for sure be suggesting them to people to try them out!


You better believe when I left teaching… although I knew a lot, there was still so much I had to learn about digital marketing. Andy would get really frustrating at me because I would spend hours going on Youtube and be on Webinars just learning about anything and everything. The problem was, it wasn’t making me money.

My situation was a little different because I had a great group of people from the industry, I found a way to make them money while I got real life lessons from my friends. My point is, they were my coach. Because of their help, I got to gain knowledge that would have taken me hours and hours to learn on the internet. By hiring a coach, you are speeding up your education because they will give you step by step instructions and help guide you along the way.

Even if you don’t have a business, if are wanting to pick up a hobby like piano and buy a baby grand piano to start playing. You would hire a teacher so your baby grand doesn’t become a fancy table and you get the value out of it.

The second point I am trying to make is time is money. If you can get your time back all for the better! For me, I work from home and I can get distracted because I can hear Andy’s voice telling me to clean my dishes or put my laundry away. BUT I’M WORKING! By the time “I’m done”, he’s home and I feel I don’t have the time to spend with him because I’m finishing up my chores. My goal for the next couple of months to budget to be able to hire someone to help me with my personal stuff so I can have my time back. By investing in some help, I am able to stay in my happy place with work and make even more money…instead of hearing the voice to pick up my clothes. I’M BUSY!


The time to hire a coach is when you are feeling stuck or when you flat out don’t know how to do something. This is what I do during my one-on-one coaching sessions. My teachings is like a professional development investment and will help you find a focus to make more money. There’s so much content out there…hell…I’m one of the people who makes them but with good content, there’s bad. With so much content out there, it’s becomes a mining field to find what’s going to be best for you and your business. This is how a coach can help. You tell them what you are visioning and they tell you how to do it.


I really understand the frustration of being an adult but I really understand those beginning stages when building a brand. It wasn’t too long ago I was in your shoes. Here’s the deal.. you might not need a coach right now or don’t even know you need one and frankly, I can’t take on more people at the moment. So why create this blog post if you are not ready to take on more clients? It’s because I want you to figure some things out before we talk about working together. I need you to really take a look at your business and find out which areas you need the most help in, write them down, and then when you reached the ceiling, then call me.

I want to give you a small exercise before we end this post. I want you to scroll up and read these tips again. To work with a coach means there has to be a return in investment and that also means to put some money upfront. Although I believe the money will come back to you 10X as much as your initial investment, I also don’t want you to take out credit cards to work with me. Start saving up for our time together. Do the small little things because when we work together, you will dive deeper into how small things make a bigger impact. If you want to see yourself grow, in personal or work life, work on these steps first.

You know were you can always find me; Instagram! If you loved these tips, be sure to share your favorites on stories and tag me so I can share too!

You are honestly amazing and we will chat soon!


Mandy Nicole


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