3 Reasons Why You’re Blog Isn’t Successful Yet

If this title intrigued you and you are feeling discourage, please note that you are not the only one.

Let me guess… you have been putting in the hours on your blog and you’re just not seeing any return yet. Am I right?

How do you know Mandy?

Because I have been there. For those who do not know, I started building Simple and Pretty Co. two years ago and just recently decided to take blogging to the next level and pursue my dreams.

Now, I’m not going to claim that I make millions of dollars and that I’m killing it in the blogger game but I will admit that I have been living my best life.

The reason…because of my blog.

What are you missing?

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I’m going to challenge you to really ask yourself a hard question but note that I’m not here to try to make you quit but instead, bring to the surface your calling. Are you truly passionate about blogging?

What I mean is, are you just doing this because this is a trend or does writing and is creating contenting truly what you want to do? Do you find yourself wanting to create a story and are you wanting to come up with many different ways to solve a problem?

If any of your answers are a no, blogging might not be your passion. It could be possible that you got sucked into the “Influencer” trend.

It’s okay that this is you. Just like with Direct Sales or wanting to be on a reality show, this new age “job,” is a trend.

Now that you realized that this IS your passion, these might be the reason why your blog isn’t succeeding just yet.

You Are Your Own Professor.

Invest in yourself. You’ve heard this 100000000 times but it’s the honest truth! When I left my teaching job, I was extremely lost. Thank goodness I found Tara of Tara Met Blog because without her guidance, I would have quit and closed up shop. She has over 14 years of blogging experience and she was a PR manager for WWE and Walt Disney. She’s a badass.

We are business partners with #SipandMingle and we are also best friends. We are both like-minded but our executions is completely different. What’s amazing about our partnership is that we both have skills that provide value to our partnership.

If Tara was not my business partner, you better believe that I would be paying top dollar for her guidance. This is why investing in yourself by hiring a coach is a great solution to help navigate your way around the blogging world.

Think about it. You are setting up your website, writing blog posts, pitching to brands, or growing your social media… do you feel dizzy yet? This job isn’t an easy task but half the time, you are teaching yourself what to do then there’s no room to actually apply anything because you have been sucked into a rabbit hole. Sounds familiar?

When you invest in yourself, you aren’t waisting your time with trial and error but instead, using the correct formula and learning the right mindset to build your brand.

Take a point to invest in yourself because yes, it is “cheaper” to learn every via google, but you are also loosing out on many opportunities when you’re using University of Google.

You Are Not Focused.

I know that this is really harsh to say, but maybe you’re all over the place with your brand. I have no place to judge because I was there myself. But how do you change that?

If you’re in the beginning stages, I’m sure blogging is your side hustle but you are wanting to take it to a full-time status. There are so many elements when it comes to owning your own business and sometimes it just takes someone pointing you in the right direction. Now, I do believe that you can do it on your own. Truly. But if it wasn’t for me getting to know the 3 High Level Thinkers I’ve mentioned in the past, I won’t have been able to get organized with my business. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to sit down with you once to show you the ropes and the rest is you just hustling.

side hustle- hustle- boss babe- boss- girl boss- investing- brand building- online marketing

My point is that you will need some kind of support to see your dreams come true. It’s very important that I always surround myself with those who have more experience than me but make sure that I never take advantage. When building a relationship with my fellow bloggers, I always make sure that I have a mindset of finding a solution where everyone will win.

How do you start killing it in your blogging game? If you have been a long time reader, you might want to head over to my coaching page to see how I’ve help others in the past how to get started on their dreams but if you’re still a sceptic, here’s a freebie.

Honestly, I can’t wait to see your brand grow and please know that I’m always here for you. Comment below what were your take aways from this blog post! Be sure to share this with someone who you think is looking to grow their blogging business.

side hustle- hustle- boss babe- boss- girl boss- investing- brand building- online marketing

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  1. Ranisha
    March 13, 2019 / 1:22 pm

    Exploring my passion and finding focus. I really need to deeply look into both of these.

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