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9 Southwest Florida Bloggers and Influencers Who Are Killing It (2019 Edition)

DISCLOSURE: No Influencers or Bloggers provide any payment to be part of this article and everything below are my opinions.


There’s no doubt that Influencers and Bloggers are helping us make decisions on what to buy and even where to eat.  It’s great to be able to get online, look at reviews and really inform yourself with the information before making a choice.  But now that brands are looking to work with Influencers and Bloggers, it’s really important to know who you are following.  This is why I updated and complied a list of 9 Southwest Florida Influencers and Bloggers who I think are killing it!


When following an Influencer or a Blogger, it’s really important that they earn your trust.  You work hard for your earnings and your time is valuable.  Influencers and Bloggers shouldn’t just tell you the greatest and latest thing that’s out there but also should provide you value.  It’s always important to ask yourself, “Are they just saying how wonderful something is because they are getting paid or is it a product that will make your life easier?”


There are so many Influencers and Bloggers located in our backyard but these are the people that provided value in my life which is worth checking out! These Influencers and Bloggers are not ranked in any particular order and are not placed.

Alina Smith | Instagram: @alinamsmith | Blog: The Neapolitan Blog

Alina is seriously the best! She’s a mama, Naples girl, a runner, a wife and so much more. You want some humor in your life? You need to check out her stories! Follow along her travels, fashion tips, and make a new friend along the way. You will not regret following her!

Jennifer Adams | Instagram: @thenewnaples | Blog: The New Naples

The New Naples was created for young professionals to have a one stop shop for the latest happy hours and what to do during the weekend and not has evolved into a resource for people of all ages to live the Naples lifestyle all year long. Her beautiful blog reflects Naples and she just posted The Unofficial Naples Fall Bucket List.  You need to check out this list because it doesn’t matter if you’re a local or just visiting, it will elevate your experience.

Ilda Hobert |Instagram: @ildahobert | Blog: World Of Modern Mom

Ilda’s colorful feed gives you the motivation to walk out the door looking cute.  She’s a mom to the most adorable girl who also makes a debut on the feed once and a while.  Ilda’s IG stories are the ones to watch because she will let you know on the best places to get your next outfit and gives you behind the scenes of her life.

Tara Settembre | Instagram: @tarametblog | Blog: When Tara Met Blog

Would you ever guess that she’s a mom to two boys? Oh wait! They are also twin boys? That doesn’t stop her from not only being an amazing mom but from traveling the world, sharing fashion tips on her IG and her blog, WhenTaraMetBlog. She has been blogging for 15 years, has her master’s degree in journalism and also published two romance novels in the past year.

Ashleigh Harrison | @ashleighslife_ | Blog: Ashleigh Rose Blog

Ashleigh has a love for supporting small.  She post photos of her favorite outfits she finds from local boutiques around Ft. Myers.  Not only does she supports local business, she is also a go to for makeup tips and tricks, which can be found of her YouTube page.

Paula Bendfeldt | Instagram: @paulabenfeldt | Blog: Growing Up Bilingual


Paula is the founder of Growing Up Bilingual and you can also find her on 365 Things To Do In Southwest Florida. She was born in Guatemala moved to the United States in 2008 with her husband Cesar and two children. Watch her explore her Latino roots and the world through language, culture, food and travel. She also now offer social media consulting!

Hannah Rinaldi | Instagram:@eatdrinkandsavemoney | Blog: Eat Drink and Save Money


Hannah believes that everyone can create a meaningful and joyful life on a budget.  She created a personal blog in 2010 to share her and her husbands journey in frugal living while paying off educational debt. Now she’s a blogger, social media influencer, lover of Southwest Florida, travel writer with Traveling Mom, and food contributor to The Daily Meal.

Lindsey Miller | Instagram: @ourtribex5 | Blog: Our Tribe X 5

Lindsey’s tribe includes 5 and she still looks stylish and keeps it real.  You can shop all of her looks on the LikeitKnowit App.  Her outfits are not only trendy but affordable.  She loves sharing all things beauty, fashion, home, and family.  You will have fun shopping her Instagram, watch her raise her kids, and enjoying her life!

Nina Marie | Instagram: @ninamarieblogs | Blog: Nina Marie Blog

She is a mother and wife, plus she is pretty much the CEO of her household.  She loves fashion, beauty, travel, and cycling. She feels that at any age you can feel and look beautiful no matter what, especially, if you are a mom.

Naomi Rothring | Instagram: @naomi108 | Blog: With Love, Naomi

She is married to the most amazing husband, and she us raising two beautiful sons in Naples, Florida. She blogs about fashion and gives you the inside of the what’s happening in Naples, Florida. Naomi can pretty much wear anything and looks gorgeous! She has the sweetest personality and you will want to be on the look out for her latest IG post!


As we wrap up on 2019’s Southwest Florida Bloggers Who Are Pretty Much Killing It, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to support the Simple and Pretty Co. blog and these other wonderful ladies who have real value to share with the world. Super excited to see what the rest of this year brings!

Are you following any of these beautiful ladies? If not, be sure to click on their photos and give them a hey!

xoxo Mandy Nicole


Oh and me! te he! I have been blogging for about 3 years and found a passion sharing with you my love for fashion, travels, and helping you out with content creating. To keep up with Simple and Pretty Co. be sure to sign up for our newsletter follow me on IG, @simpleandprettyco! My stories might make you laugh which is never a bad things! I’ll warn you if I curse too much.



  1. November 18, 2019 / 3:41 pm

    You’re the best Mandy! Love coming to your blog because it always makes me smile <3

  2. Joan binstock
    November 18, 2019 / 5:11 pm

    I have been following Nina Marie for sometime now and love everything she does. I love her look It is great for all ages and all economies.
    Congrats to all the influencers but Nina is my favorite

  3. Lindsey
    November 19, 2019 / 12:43 am

    Thank you for sharing! Just a sweet and thoughtful person. You rock

  4. Victoria Castro
    November 19, 2019 / 5:16 am

    My favorite is Nina Marie. I enjoy her different styles, products and the positive vibes. Congratulations to all.

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